Switzerland Tourist Attractions | Top 12 Places To Visit In Switzerland

Switzerland Tourist Attractions | Top 12 Places To Visit In Switzerland

Switzerland is a dreamland and for couples, it is a perfect romantic destination. The quaint villages, jaw-dropping alpine scenery, palm-studded architectures, and many tourist attractions in Switzerland are fairytale affairs.

However, the country is not only meant for a romantic and dreamy getaway. The place has hidden adventure gems and destinations perfect for paragliding, tobogganing, biking, and culture trip. The top 12 as per the Switzerland tourism are covered in our list.

Bookmark These Top 12 Unique Places To Visit In Switzerland

1. Walk Down The National Swiss Path

tourist attractions in Switzerland

Starts from Rutli and ends at Brunnen, the 35km long trail constitutes the National Path of Switzerland. Weg der Schweiz aka Swiss Path marks the 700th anniversary of the country. It has a total of 7 sections which takes around 2-3 days to cover.

If you want to go on hiking then must come here. The path begins from a meadow, Rutli, and ends at Brunen. There’s a Lake Lucerne in between which is a natural beauty.

Available Transport: Busses and Ferries from the Brunen dock station will take you to the beginning of Swiss Path i.e. Rutli.

Popular Things To Do At Swiss Path:

  • Most tourists come here for hiking
  • Ferry rides are also popular to see the beautiful surroundings at once
  • Plan a small picnic at the peaceful village of Brunen
  • Kiteboarding and surfing at Lake Uri

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2. Matterhorn, Zermatt

tourist attractions in Switzerland

This pyramid-shaped giant is arguably the most photographed mountain in the world. Also called as ‘Mountain of All Mountains’ due to its jaw-dropping height of 4,478 mt. Reaching its peak is the dream of many professional climbers.

But what makes it one of the best places in Switzerland for visitors is the largest snow igloo in the world. In 2015, the mountaineers witness the mountain glowing red.

Getting there:  Cable cars or mountain trains from Zermatt will take you there for free in case you have a Swiss travel pass.

Hotels near Matterhorn: You can book your stay at nearby hotels like Garni Testa Grigia, Arca Solebad, and Backstage Boutique. All are affordable and perfect for tourists coming along with family.

Things To Do At Matterhorn

  • Climbing is not the only popular activity here, visitors can also :
  • Take a helicopter ride for the aerial clicks
  • Ski and snowboard
  • Ride a mountainside train for beautiful panoramic views
  • Soak up the views from the restaurants at the peak

3. Estate de Chillon

tourist attractions in Switzerland

Situated in the core of the Swiss Riviera on the banks of Lake Geneva is Chillon Castle. The four-extremely old water fortification filled in as the seat of the well-off Counts of Savoy.

Walk around the lakeside or parade through its old corridors where fourteenth-century depictions, towers, underground vaults, rooms, weaponry, and furniture have been kept safeguarded in their unique shape.

House de Chillon comprises 25 buildings and three yards and is open by pontoon, transport, or foot from the town of Montreux.

How To Reach Castle: It is only a 3-minute ride from Montreux to the castle via train. Moreover, you can either take a bus, boat or walk down to the castle as well.

Opening Time: All-year-round from 10 am to 05 pm

4. Town of Montreux

best places in switzerland

On the shores of Lake Geneva lies the most beautiful and charming Switzerland tourist attractions. The old town is famous for its pedestrian walkways, steep slopes, picturesque areas, and St. Vincent temple.

How To Teach:  Every hour four trains run from the Geneva Airport to Montreaux. You can also get a train from Zurich but it would take more time.

Best Montreux Hotels: Both 3 and 5-star hotels are nearby but those looking for affordable accommodations can book any of these:

  • Villa Kruger Boutique
  • Lake and Mountain View Apartment
  • Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic

Not To Miss At Montreux

  1. The Jazz festival during summer takes place at 3 venues- Montreux Jazz lab, Jazz club, and Auditorium Stravinski
  2. The colorful promenade is one of the beautiful tourist attractions in Switzerland. The view from Lake Geneva between Chateau de Chillon and Clarens is worth capturing
  3. Flowery trails of Narcissus Forecaster are another great sightseeing here
  4. The Lavaux vineyards and taste the aromatic dry wines here
  5. If you are a hardcore fan of the rock band, visit Queen studio for all the memorable records

5. The Jungfrau Region

best places in Switzerland

The Jungfraujoch is an Alpine wonderland that has much to offer swashbucklers and those looking for a calmer withdraw. The ‘huge three’ – frigid stone monuments Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger – overshadow moving green knolls and winding mountain ways. 

Visitors can witness some mammoth beauties in the proximity of this region. Jungfraujoch also houses Europe’s highest train station which is open since 1912.

How To Get Jungfrau: A cable car service runs from Grindelwald to the Eiger Glacier station. From there take a cogwheel train to the Jungfraujoch.

Things To Do Jungfrau Region

  1. Do not miss the cable car ride from Grindelwald to Mannlichen, it has the most wonderful views
  2. Trummelbach Falls will take your breath away and unique because 10 glacier falls pour water into it
  3. If you are not scared of heights, take a cliff walk by Tissot
  4. Schilthorn is the best ski and snowboard area in the region
  5. For a dreamy stay, come to the Lauterbrunnen village. There are small worthy restaurants at walking distance

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6. Lake Lucerne

places to visit in Switzerland

Lake Lucerne extends from Lucerne City to the Great Swiss Alps, therefore, it is known as Switzerland’s fourth-largest lake. It is renowned for its greatest natural landscapes. To dive into its history, it was brought into existence approximately twelve thousand years ago. One should try the boat trips here and see every detail about this amazing lake. The climate here is mostly moderate.

How To Get To Lucerne: Hourly trains are available from Zurich train station. You can also land in Berne and take a flight to the main station and then take a train ride.

Where To Stay: Galaxy Apartments, Holiday INN express, Ibis budget Luzern city are perfect budget hotels for tourists

Things To See In Lucerne

  1. The famous Lion Monument at Lowenplatz
  2. Swiss transport museum at Laidostrasse
  3. Twin tower Benedictine monastery
  4. Glacier garden is a remarkable place to visit in Switzerland with kids
  5. The Spreuerbrucke- Wooden bridge

7. Lauterbrunnen Valley Of 72 Waterfalls

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Lauterbrunnen town is settled down in the middle of the green valley amid the snow-covered mountains of Swiss Alps, though not only the beautiful city but the beautification of 72 waterfalls that cascades down the edges of the valley’s cliff that this place what it is, especially during summer when the melting of snow begins.

The name “Lauterbrunnen” refers to “many fountains,” and a fantastic sight that your eyes can hold to witness. Staubbach Falls is the most popular fall, which gushes greatly at any time of the year. About 1,000 feet high, Staubbach Falls is one of Europe’s longest free-falling waterfalls.

How To Reach: There are two ways to reach Lauterbrunnen- via train or car. Those taking train services should get to Interlaken. Daily trains run from here and take you to the town within 20 minutes. Car people can safely park their car at the parking garages outside the station.

Accommodations: Hotel Aplenruhe, Jungfrau hotel, Hotel Oberland, and many more cheap hotels are perfect for both single and family accommodation.

Tourist Attractions In Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland:

  1. Staubbach falls
  2. Trummelbach falls
  3. Murren village
  4. Mount Schilthorn

8. Creux du Van

best places in Switzerland

This Swiss landscape is a magical and mystical mixture of different types of land structures, and probably not more than Creux du Van. Over the past centuries, the land has built itself, which resembles a cut from the rock.

Creux du Van has completely changed into a semi-circular three-quarters miles great structure by water and ice erosion. To become a witness to this natural surprise, travelers have to hike over 2,000 feet high. The path further takes the travelers to the edge of the amphitheater.

How To Reach Creux: Noiraigue railway station is closest to the location but if you begin the journey from Zurich, it's 2 hr trip to Creux.

Where To Stay: One of the best and budget hotels are Hotel and Grill traverse. Beau-Rivage, Hotel de l’Aigle are few more best hotels nearby

Best Places To Visit In Creux, Switzerland

  1. Grandson Castle
  2. Saut du Doubs waterfalls
  3. Musee International d’horlogerie- The Underground Museum
  4. Latenium Park
  5. Gorges de l’Areuse

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9. Rhine Falls

places to visit in Switzerland

Rhine Falls is the largest fall in Europe, and also, one of the most unique places to visit in Switzerland. The Rhine falls extend over 490 feet wide and 75 feet high, and it is around 15,000 years old.

It is located in Northern Switzerland near Schaffhausen. Visitors can have a boat trip in the falls, and they can have the ultimate fun in the dynamic natural wonder. Be ready to get poured in the waters and snap the best pictures. It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland.

How To Reach Rhine: Board on the train from Zurich railway station to Neuhausen Rheinfall and you are there.

Stays Near The Rhine: Sorell Hotel Ruden and Rhine Falls hotels are two popular accommodations among tourists.

Best Places Around Rhine Falls

  1. Mac- Museum of cars and arts
  2. Smilestones- Miniature World
  3. Rhyality Art Hall
  4. Munot Rose Garden at Schaffhausen
  5. Laufen Castle

10. Swiss National Park

best places in switzerland

Close to Italy lies the oldest Apls reserve which is now a national Park of Switzerland. Winters are dramatic here, hiking trails are stunning, and mountains are always wrapped in snow. The park is home to 100 bird species and 5000 species of wildlife.

Way To Swiss Park: Pass dal Fuorn is the only road to park which connects Mustair and Zernez.

Best Hotels: There are several best hotels in Mustair like Graubunden Hotel or you can plan a stay at Engadin Scoul Zernez.

What Else To See Near Park?

  1. Lago di Livigno is famous for its scenic views and water sports
  2. Church of Guarda
  3. Cima Piazzi Happy Mountain
  4. Lake Davos
  5. Stelvio National park

11. Lugano

best places in Switzerland

This should be on your list of tourist attractions in Switzerland. The Monte Carlo, Lugano, is loved for its Mediterranean-style squares, amazing architectural sites, and shopping streets. However, the city is popular for its artworks and artisans’ famous being Hermann Hesse.

It is also home to this Nobel Prize winner. Beside him, you will find artworks of jawlensky, Klee, and other artists on the street. What makes it even more worthy is the cool weather of Lugano that allows visitors to come here anytime a year.

Best Hotels In Lugano: The city is quite expensive but you can find worthy stays as well. Bigatt Hotel, The View Lugano, Splendide Royal are a few more you can book.

Switzerland Vacation Guide To Lugano

  1. Get around the Parco Civico for the stunning views of Lugano
  2. Hesse Museum is a must-visit for poetry lovers
  3. Olive silk trails of Gandria are the soul of this village
  4. Swissminiatur has stunning castles, churches, railway station, and everything in the miniature form
  5. Tourists should not return without tasting the Lugano cuisine, it’s a mix of Italy and Switzerland

12. Thun

best places in Switzerland

For a dream Switzerland Vacation, Thun is undoubtedly the best destination. The entire city is situated near the lake and thus got its name. Its breathtaking views, charming bridges, flower-laden cafes, and vantage points attract visitors.

How To Reach Thun: The city has a well-connected train network with the other popular places in Switzerland. The nearest is Bern from where Thun is only 20 minutes away.

Best Stays In Thun: Krone Thun, Congress hotel seepark

Best Places To Visit In Switzerland’s Most Beautiful City

  1. Spiez castle
  2. Kirche Scherzligen Church
  3. Kunstmuseum Thun- Speciality Museum
  4. Schadau Park
  5. Thun Panorama

These 12 tourist attractions in Switzerland will make your trip complete if you stay a bit longer here.





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