7 Famous & Beautiful Places To Visit In Italy | Italy Tourist Attractions

7 Famous & Beautiful Places To Visit In Italy | Italy Tourist Attractions

Italy does not need any introduction, especially as a tourist destination. The country is complete in itself and is one of the most traveled destinations in Europe. The country obviously has a wonderful impact on the world.

Amazing places to visit in Italy serve beautiful artistry, crumbling ruins, impeccable palaces, and castles that connect all the dots contributing to make it the best pick among travelers.

It has a lot for a perfect vacation from the less crowded coastal areas where one can sit and relax amid and have the pleasure of swimming in the crystal-clear seas. In addition, to explore optimum in Italy, one can bounce to neighboring Sicily and enjoy the best foods and beverages.

But apart from all this, these famous places in Italy are surely not to give a miss.

Top 7 Italy Tourist Attractions To Stop By

1. Valley of Temples

Italy Tourist Attractions

Located in Agrigento, Sicily the valley of the temples is one of the most outstanding examples of Greek art and architecture. This huge archeological complex is not only one of the main tourist attractions in Italy but also adheres to an additional tag of the national monument.

It also has some of the most intact Doric temples that were built date back to the 5th century. This historic site comes with spectacular views.

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How to reach- Regular trains run from Palermo to Agrigento from where you can take either Bus No. 1 or 2 to reach the museum. The Porta V at the West and Juna Temple at the East are two main entrances to the city. 

Ticket Prices- €12 and free for children under 18

Opening hours- Opens every day at 08:30 am and closes at 07 pm 

2. Mount Vesuvius

places to visit in italy

Ranked amongst the most famous mountains in the world Mount Vesuvius is also the volcano that erupted in Roman times (AD 79) and buried Pompeii. The one of the world’s most dangerous volcano distant 6 miles from the modern city of Naples.

The volcano has last erupted in 1944 and has an eruption cycle of 20 years. Mount Vesuvius is, however, one of the best places to visit in Italy for adventure seekers. 

Ways to reach Mt. Vesuvius- 

There are 2 ways to get here. One by Circumvesuviana train that runs between Sorrento and Naples, from there take a bus to Mount Vesuvius. The second option is to take a train from Pompeii followed by a bus trip to the destination. 

Admission Fees: Your trip to this volcanic mountain is going to be 2-3 hours long and staying here long will require some changes. However, the fees are as low as €10 but don’t forget to take valid IDs. 

Sightseeing Places:

1. Naples National Archaeological Museum 

2. Museo Cappella Sansevera

3. Royal Naple Palaces

4. Ovo Fort

5. Nuovo Castle of Medieval Period

3. Cinque Terre

famous places in italy

Cinque Terre declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO is also designated as a national park. Located in Liguria, the ‘Five Lands’ is put together by five distinct villages. All of them rest on the peak of rugged mountains overlooking the famous Italian Riviera.

Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore, and Monterosso all conglomerate into five villages with unique charms and attractions. Amidst La Spezia and Levanto, Cinque Terra finds its extensions. One will find the romantic olive groves, traditional eateries, and purplish-blue sea views along the coast.

All the villages are the most beautiful places in Italy. 

How to get to Cinque Terre: 

The Genoa Airport is the only entrance to this seaside village. Several buses and trains run from the nearest location to the airport. The closest is Genoa train station from where regular train departures to the village. If you want to avoid the crowd of public transports, drive directly from Genoa or Pisa. 

When to come: September and October are the two best seasons when the weather of the village is apt. 

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Things to do:

The village has stunning locations that will fill your journey with memories and amazing experiences. So, don’t miss these famous places in Cinque Terre, Italy:

1. Cinque Terre National Park- No other place in Italy has a wildlife habitat like this park has. More than 4000 species live here even though the park is spread across a very small area

2. An adventurous hiking trail connects Vernazza and Corniglia and spread across the beautiful orchards. The surrounding greenery will further amplify your hiking experience

3.  San Francesco church of the village is a famous location among visitors and locals. You must come here because the art pieces of the church are undoubtedly the best in the world. The famous painting of Anthony van Dyck further decorates the church. 

4. Corniglia is the best photographic location of all the villages in Cinque. The quiet weather, charming buildings, impressive cliffs, and crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea are sights to behold. 

6. If fishing is your passion then Vernazza has everything for you. It is known for the best harbor and forms the major economy of Cinque Terre. However, cars are not allowed here as streets are very narrow and have steep constrictions. 

Best Cinque Terre Hotels:

  • La Giada del Mesco, Levanto
  • La Colonnina, Monterosso
  • Cinqueterre Residence, Riomaggiore
  • Marina Piccola, Manarola
  • Alvergo Al Carugio, Monterosso

4. Roman Colosseum

must see places in italy

Also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, the trip to Rome is incomplete without seeing one of the seven wonders, the mighty Colosseum. 

The remnants of the greatest historical relics of our time were once magnificent amphitheater (arena) and also had a capacity of over 50,000 spectators. The amphitheater is best known for gladiator matches that were shown here and you can sit in the stands.

Location: Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma RM, Italy 

Opening hours- 8:30 am to 07 pm 

Ticket prices: 12 Euros for adults between 18-25 and free for minors, however, tourists have to book the free ticket in advanced

Public Transports

Visitors can either come by Bus, train, or metro. The metro line B from Colosseo will quickly take you to the location. If you are coming by bus, take line number 75, 81, 673, 175, or 204. Line number 3 is the only route for those traveling via train.

Also, explore these tourist attractions in Italy near to Colosseum:

1. The Art Gallery- Galleria Borghese ( Opens at 9 am and last entry closes at 7 pm)

2. Climb the 138 steps of Scalina Spagna ( Spanish Steps) that connect destinations like Piazza Trinita dei Monti. It is a place for fun lovers

3. Relax at Villa Borghese Gardens of Piazza di Siena

4. History buffs should also explore Pantheon to learn more about ancient Roman monuments

5. The Trevi Fountain in Piazza di Trevi cannot be missed on the journey. The fountain has been cast in several films and is built by same materials as used to build the Colosseum

5. Pompeii

Best Places to Visit in Italy

Majorly known for the events that took place here in 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted and wrapped the town in ash. The eruption not only brought the transformation of town in ash but telling that the Roman life was captured and frozen in time, and when the site was scooped it offered a glimpse of an ancient era.

In today’s time, if one wishes to visit Pompeii, one can surely expect a kind of open-air museum with preserved houses, baths, and ancient Roman forums. All fill the space of relics of the people who were living here at the time of the eruption.

Best months to get around Pompeii- November to March

What to see in Pompeii?

This ruined city still has the best places to visit in Italy. Here are the most fascinating ruins of this Italian city:

  1. Temple of Apollo
  2. Pompeii Forum
  3. House of the Faun
  4. Public baths of the past aka Forum baths
  5. Villa dei Misteri

Where Should I Stay?

Casa di Plinio and Villa Silvana are so far the best value for money here.

6. Amalfi Coast

italy most beautiful places

The dazzling Amalfi Coast prevails to be one of the most scenic tourist attractions in Italy. And if want to experience most of it in the shortest amount of time then turn your favor by taking a boat trip.

Several companies offer boat rental and you can have the pleasure to sightsee the towering Lattari Mountains as well as various cute inlets and canals. Traditional Mediterranean villages will appear to you apparently out-of-the-box and boat tours usually come with food and beverages so that you can have refreshment on local produce.

How to reach Amalfi?

Getting around the town is easy by car from one of the most scenic highways- SS163 highway.

A bus is a second option, though it is the cheapest way to get around the town it is tiresome. You have to change buses after reaching the coast from Sorrento- Positano. 

Ferries are ideal for those traveling during the summers or early winter. However, this transport facility depends heavily on weather conditions. Check the Positano tourism board to view the ferry timetable and fare. 

When to visit: The weather is at its best from May till September and the place is less crowded too

Amalfi Coast, Italy- 5 Most Beautiful Places In The Town 

  1. Ravell
  2. Villa rufolo
  3. Villa cimbrone gardens
  4. Vallone delle Ferriere 
  5. Cathedral of San Matteo

What are the best hotels to book?

You’d find luxurious, budget, and cheap resorts everywhere in Amalfi. However, the best ones as per tourists reviews are: Hoetl Croce di Amalfi, Palazza Ferraioli, Marina Riviera. 

7. Vatican City

italy most beautiful places

Home to the powerhouses such as the Piazza San Pietro and St Peter’s Basilica, The Vatican city is absolutely its own state within Italy, although you can only visit the land surrounded area by first traveling to Rome.

The place is one of the most important religious spots in the world. One can also enjoy the grandeur of the Vatican Palace in addition to the Sistine Chapel which features the Creation of Adam.

Best way to visit:

A half an hour drive from the Rome Airport is the fastest and simplest way to arrive in Vatican city. However, direct trains run from the Vatican station near the airport too. Every 30 minutes, a bus departs from the Rome Fiumicino Airport bus station. 

Pick any of these 3 ways. 

What is the best time to plan a trip?

The Vatican can be best explored during the cool weather so November and December are the ultimate months to visit. The crowd is less so you won’t face much trouble, unlike summer days. 

Must-See Places in Vatican City, Italy

  • St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Museo Pio Celemntino
  • Vatican gardens
  • Etruscan Museum
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Vatican Library
  • Egyptian Museum

Where to stay- Casar Palace, Adriatic Hotel, and Hotel Della Conciliazione 

So if you are planning your next visit to this beautiful Roman world then you surely now know what not to miss.



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