Best Budget Friendly Travel Destinations | Top Cheapest Places To Visit

Best Budget Friendly Travel Destinations | Top Cheapest Places To Visit

Traveling is a passion, a hobby for few but it is a necessity for the rest to relax and escape the chaos of city life. Well, once in a while is okay but frequent travel can make a hole in the pocket especially for avid travelers. 

That is so true for those planning a one-time trip in a year because they don’t do a thorough search for the cheapest places to visit.

But with our guide to the best budget travel destinations, you don’t need to search anywhere else. So, get ready to hit a new country without breaking your bank.

5 Cheapest Destinations To Travel On Low Budget 

1. Malaysia

cheapest destinations to travel

Malaysia can be cheap and expensive both provided you know where to stay and what to do. If you prefer a hotel near the main station then it’s going to hit your budget hard. But many make mistakes because the area is pretty much popular for shopping malls.

It’s a double loss for those looking for the cheapest places to visit in Malaysia. Pick from these cities if you don’t want to book a private tour and explore everything on your own.

Cheap Travel Destinations:

  1. Malacca
  2. Sabah
  3. Sarawak
  4. Tanah Rata

Ideal Time: You should visit this place during monsoons, May- September.

Tourist Attractions: Petronas Twin Towers, Langkawi Sky Bridge, Menara KL Tower, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Accommodations: Staying budget can go as low as $7 to as high as $49 per night for our top picks

  1. M&M Hote, Kuala Lampur
  2. Lagenda House, Penang
  3. SKYPOD Boutique hostel, Sabah
  4. The Frame Guesthouse, Penang
  5. Padungan Hotel, Sarawak

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2. Sri Lanka

cheapest places to visit

The lip-smacking food and surreal view of Sri Lanka make it one of the cheap but beautiful places to visit. There is a lot to do and see on your Sri Lank tour so a week-long journey can be exhausting and unworthy without knowing where to go.

When money and time both are less, head to these specific but popular tourist attractions:

  1. Dambulla cave temple, it’s free
  2. Have fun at Bentota beach and engage in water sport activities, surprisingly the charges are pretty low
  3. Take the 5500 steps of Adam’s peak which are worth your time as views from the top are spectacular
  4. Go for a soul-satisfying journey in Ohiya and enjoy the view of Bambarakanda falls
  5. Land to the satisfying, lush green valley surrounded by rugged hills of Nuwara Eliya
  6. Jungle Safari at Kaudulla National Park

Ideal Time: May- September.


Tour packages are cheap in comparison to independent tours and cost up to 30K for 3 nights with twin sharing. But if you opt to wander on your own, save money on these cheap hotels without compromising with comfort:

  1. Oceanview Cottage, Hikkaduwa
  2. Surfing life guesthouse, Madigama
  3. Ranga’s Beach Hut, Arugam Bay

3. Turkey

cheap beautiful places to visit

Though Turkey doesn’t look like a budget-friendly travel destination due to luxurious hotels all around, it does have the nicest and cheapest places to visit. Skip Istanbul and add Cappadocia to your list, why? Cave hotels, hot air balloons, unique landscapes, and many more are the reasons.

And tourist attractions are not limited to this city of volcanic rock.

Top Cheapest Places To Visit:

  1. Kaymakli underground city
  2. Zelve open-air museum
  3. Red and rose valleys
  4. Avanos
  5. Evil eye church

Ideal Time: April-May and September to Mid-November.


Kismet cave house in Goreme village is the best budget hotel with rooms having stone walls, floors decorated with Turkish carpets.

4. Mexico

budget friendly travel destinations

Mexico is one of the best countries to visit on a budget. Beach towns are the best around the country with affordable accommodations, cheap restaurants, and plenty of attractions to see.

Pick Mazatlan for the trip to Mexico because it is the oldest resort town here with a beautiful coastline, streets, and stunning views. The town is best known for its beaches, hiking trails, and historic building.

Where To Go

  1. Historic Laza Machado
  2. El Faro Mazatlan lighthouse
  3. Stone Island
  4. Deer Island
  5. Playa Brujas beach
  6. Acuario Mazatlan aquarium

Cheapest time to visit- September


  1. Park Inn
  2. Ibis Mazatlan Marina
  3. Sleep Inn
  4. Oceanview beach hotel
  5. Gavian resort 

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5. Thailand

best countries to visit on a budget

Thailand is a place for all. If you are restricted by budget then also this place has many options to make your holiday memorable. Relax at the islands, get adventurous at the amusement parks, and enjoy the friendliest mammals performing for you at the Dolphin Show.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss these tourist attractions of Thailand

Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations In Thailand

  1. Railay beach
  2. Koh Phi Phi
  3. The Grand Palace
  4. Sunday Walking Street of Chiang Mai
  5. Khao Yai National Park

Ideal Time: November – April

Accommodation Places: 

Well, you can travel to these tourist places in one day or two depending upon your trip and interest but. Your budget will depend only on the places you stay. Pick Bangkok because it offers ample affordable stays and eateries.

The best ones are:

  1. iSanook
  2. The Siam Heritage hotel
  3. Prie hotel central station

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and hit the streets of these cheapest destinations to travel.


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