Top 10 Attractions And Places In Amsterdam | Nightlife In Amsterdam

Top 10 Attractions And Places In Amsterdam | Nightlife In Amsterdam

You are an art junkie or looking for having a coolest bachelor’s before your wedding! Want to cherish the wondrous city scenes or wish to get spoilt in a night club! AMSTERDAM has all your travel destinations for the next vacay.

Explore The Best Of Amsterdam

The capital city of Netherlands has the most chilled out vibes in the entire Europe and leaves no chance to amuse its visitors from the same.

From a bustling night life, to picnic parks, to some spectacular museums the city assures that if you are travelling here then you must get the experience of lifetime.

How To Travel Around The City

Amsterdam has a lot to offer and to be explored by everyone. So there are multiple ways of commuting that helps you to make the most of it.

Renting a bike and cycling around the streets let you explore the amazing street art and helps one to choose from the plethora of cafes and diners to satiate the hunger like herrings at the herring cart.

Cruising around the canal is one of the best experiences adding to the memories of the city as it allows the travelers to feel the fresh breeze and take a stroll at the comfort.

When To Visit?

The fall season i.e September to November is the best time to visit Amsterdam. The relatively mild weather conditions combined with fewer crowds make it an ideal time to visit the Tulip capital.

Top 10 Attractions in Amsterdam

The city planned around a Canal Belt, a network of concentric canals that is now listed with UNESCO. Amsterdam is the city of fascinating stories, spellbinding art and architecture that has stood the test of time making it one of most popular tourist places. Here are the top things to do and see in Amsterdam:

  1. Rijksmuseum: Huge collection of rare art and antiquities
  2. Anne Frank House: Actual home of holocaust victim- Anne Frank
  3. Van Gogh Museum: Must-visit for art fans and historians
  4. Jordaan: Picturesque streets and plenty of things to do in Amsterdam
  5. Vondelpark: Largest park in Amsterdam
  6. Dam Square: Venue for royal functions
  7. Royal Palace of Amsterdam: Classical architecture of royal residence is worth a visit
  8. Rembrandt House Museum: The renowned painter created his best work here
  9. The Botanical Gardens: Have a stroll in nature in the heart of the city
  10. Artis: Amsterdam Royal Zoo: World-class zoo in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam: City Of Stories and Art

After the renovations of the famous Museumplein, which houses the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, Amsterdam has regained its enchanting artistic heritage, and has truly become top tourist attractions in Europe for museums and is a must visit for all the art lovers and explorers of history.

The historical city boasts of many historical monuments, art galleries, museums, and is also characterized as a hub for education among other things. An extraordinary showcase for Dutch art, applied art and historical artefacts the museums showcases the history like no other.

Experience Unique Activities in Amsterdam

Red Light District of Amsterdam is one of the most intriguing places to visit in here. It is a product of the Dutch tradition of tolerance, it is a difficult place to describe yet unique.

  • The World’s most famous Red light District is distinctive in its features
  • It has brothels, peep shows, sex shops and theatres cater for most urges
  • Everything is strictly regulated, video surveillance pervades the area
  • There’s a rigid code (no photos whatsoever) and sex workers even have their own union
  • There is a help desk to let the explorers know more of the area.
  • Red Light Secrets is a museum where prostitutes tell their own funny, moving and human stories

 Live The Night To The Fullest

Amsterdam is known for its nightlife, chill party and clubbing scenes. Amsterdam’s reputation as a city to party in is well deserved, and there is a wide selection of nightclubs to keep anybody up well past their bedtime.

Where: Rembrantplein, Leidseplein, Red Light District and Spui

Tips: One can actually make the clubbing life a lot simpler by acquiring the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket which is worth to consider as it grants free entrance to Amsterdam clubs, free shots, beers & cocktails, lazertag & bowling, free UBER and much more for 7 days saving the time and money.

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Amsterdam Attractions: Get High On Life

If you are wondering what to do in Amsterdam, visit these museums. It allows one to explore and know more about the Drugs, Erotica and more.  Five floors of erotic curiosities and a collection of erotic art from all over the world; Erotic Museum is an artistic view over the world of erotica and also has a souvenir shop for you to buy gifts.

India is the land of Kamasutra portraying it over the walls of many temples, but Amsterdam has a museum dedicated to the world of Sex. This museum has a collection of erotic art from throughout the history and a number of other entertaining exhibits.

Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum is the one showcasing it all about the history of the cannabis plant. There are also some plants growing on show as well as explanations of hash production, etc. Next to the museum is a seed bank where you can buy quality cannabis seeds (for medical purposes, of course).

There is everything from a collection of literature portraying various illustrations of sex to playing porno films to a gallery of alternative sexual fetishes. Very informative and explicit, and surely not for those easily offended.

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