Top 10 Places to Visit in Scotland | Best Tourist Attractions in Scotland

Top 10 Places to Visit in Scotland | Best Tourist Attractions in Scotland

Voted as ‘The Most Beautiful Country in The World’- Scotland is special and surely worthy of a place to be on your holiday list. Ancient architecture, spectacular wildlife, far stretched big skies, hospitable, down- to earth people and amazing food are some of the many treasures crammed into the compact territory of Scotland.

Tourism Guide To Explore Scotland

Be it the culture, food, amazing outdoors or the sense of history once you plan to visit this paradise you can’t skip any of it at all. Scotland is a unique territory but what actually makes it unique? The love for dancing or love of whisky, kilts and ceilidhs? Let’s explore the uniqueness of this spectacular nation with these tourist attractions in Scotland.

  1. Dunrobin Castle
  2. Cullen Sea School
  3. Almond Valley Heritage Centre
  4. Aros Park
  5. Blackness Castle
  6. The Tall Ship Glenlee
  7. Lindores Abbey Distillery
  8. Dwarfie Stane
  9. Rspb Scotland Forsinard Flows Nature Reserve

These are undoubtedly the top 10 places to visit in Scotland.

Must-Visit Museums in Scotland

Traveling through Scotland will surely let you enjoy the cultural brilliance and tradition of this amazing land. Museums are the best places to visit in Scotland for free. Here are some museums that you must visit in Scotland:

  1. National War Museum
  2. National Museum Of Scotland
  3. Museum Of Edinburg
  4. Riverside Museum
  5. Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum

As you on the spree to visit the best of Scotland’s cultural destinations then you can’t refrain yourself from outing on your dancing shoes and groove on some foot- stomping tunes.

The culture of Scotland also majorly comprises of highland games, which have been its part for over hundreds of years. These games let your experience the sense of community, heritage and celebration as every game has a unique tradition and character and can be witnessed in the simply astounding locations.

Make new friends with the locals and other visitors as you enjoy our Scottish hospitality and watch a gripping sporting spectacle of champions, with dancing, music, and more.

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Sip It To The Soul

For the people who like to savour the best of the liquor, Scotch Whisky is surely something that is a must have. Scotland is home to the finest whisky and even the biggest exporter of the same. Few fun facts about Scotch Whisky:

  1. A spirit can’t be called as scotch until it has aged in Scotland for atleast three years
  2. Golden barley from the fields and the pure water from the crystal clear streams is transformed into precious spirit and then left in oak casks and tucked away to mature
  3. Every Scottish spirit or whisky has its own unique flavor and character and allows you to find your best suiting to your taste
  4. With over 130 active distilleries in Scotland spread across five whisky regions, with many offering fascinating tours, there are lots of whiskies to enjoy responsibly and plenty of opportunities to learn how it’s made

Best Time To Visit Scotland

Spring (late March to May) and fall (September to November) is the best time to visit Scotland. The temperature are warmer in spring and ranges between 43°F to 59°F. Although the mountains of the Highlands and the Cairngorms will still have snow at this time.

Guide For Taste Of Scotland

Scotland has a blend of perfect serve of traditional food making it in coordination with the contemporary world that makes in dining in at the restaurants here an unforgettable experience. Try these delicacies when you are in the country:

  • Haggis: Try this divine iconic Scotland dish if you’re a non-vegetarian
  • Neeps and tatties: Turnips and potatoes, typically served with haggis
  • Scottish Salmon: it has terrific taste and perfect texture
  • Porridge: Nothing can be beat a good old Scottish porridge
  • Scottish tablet: Sugar, condensed milk and butter cooked together until crystalised, heavenly
  • Bangers and mash: A classic dish in Scotland for supper
  • Sticky toffee pudding: A staple delightful dessert

These mouth-watering delicacies are best paired with a dram of single malt whisky specialty of Scotland.

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Money-Saving Tips In Scotland

Holidays in Scotland is an adventure since the country has an amazing, rich, multilayered history which is must to be witnessed. Hundreds of castles testify to the country’s often turbulent past. Here are some insider’s tip that will help you save some moolah on this trip:

  • Take the Edinburgh City Pass: for 45 GBP you’ll be able to see 22 attractions in addition to a free transportation to and from the airport. Two-day and three-day passes are also available.
  • Eat in a pub: You will find best food in pubs that is of a friction of the price than you would pay in a restaurant.
  • Visit the museums: Entry to the public museums in Scotland is free. Take advantage of that.
  • Take A Bus: If you want to travel on a budget, making the bus your favourite means of transport
  • Avoid shopping and eating in the city centres: They are significantly expensive compared to the ones outside of the center. Choose wisely
  • Stay with a local: There are so many cool places to stay in Scotland but find a stay with a local to save money and have a unique experience

Explore Scotland’s Natural Habitat

Whether you are an adventure freak or somebody who like to get lost in the wilderness, there are so many beautiful places in Scotland for you to explore. An outdoor activity in Scotland will allow you to explore the best of this land.

You can tramp the tundra plateaus of the Cairngorms, balance along tightrope ridges strung between the peaks of the Cuillin, sea kayak among the seal-haunted isles of the Outer Hebrides, and take a speedboat ride into the white water of the Corryvreckan whirlpool.

From exciting city tours to breathtaking coastal gardens or to the beautiful landscapes and of course the brilliance this place has to offer every minute spent here is an experience one must have once in a lifetime!!


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