13 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Brazil | Places to Visit in Brazil

13 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Brazil | Places to Visit in Brazil

One of the world's most captivating places, Brazil is a country of powdery white-sand beaches, verdant rainforests, and rhythm-filled metropolises. Brazil tourist attractions extend from frozen-in-time colonial towns to otherworldly landscapes of red-rock canyons, thundering waterfalls, and coral-fringed tropical islands. 

13 Best Tourist Attractions In Brazil You Should Not Miss

Brazil is legendary in scope, its diverse ecosystems boast the greatest collection of plant and animal species found anywhere on earth. Begin your trip from these best places to visit in Brazil and explore it. 

1. Lencois Maranhenses National Park

tourist attractions in brazil

Unlike other national parks of Brazil that are covered with thick forests and home to extensive wildlife, Lencois is a dessert. The land of white sand and lagoons is protected for a reason as it holds the largest lagoons here.

The stunning deserted view with turquoise lagoons in the middle is surreal. But they are not as dry as you think; these lagoons are the perfect environment for marine species. 

Where is Lencois National Park- State of Maranhao, Tourists can reach here via flight from Sao Luis Airport to Barreirinhas. Take a bus or taxi to the park.

Resorts nearby: Portal do Sol Lencois Pousada, Encantes do Nordeste, Porto Preguicas resort, and many more

Opening times: 08 am to 06 pm

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2. Amazon Rainforest, Manaus

tourist attractions in brazil

The biodiversity of this country can easily be understood by the fact that it houses the world’s largest rainforest- The Amazon Rain Forest. It is an extraordinary wonder of nature and home to elusive pink dolphins. The freshwater and fertile grounds of forest are the reasons why endemic species are found here.

How to travel to the Amazon rainforest: Manaus International Airport is closest to the forest from where you can easily reach the Amazon

Is there any hotel nearby? Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, Sacha Lodge, Wildlife Odyssey, and Le Selva Lodge are few places to stay

What to do at Amazon?

  • Piranha fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Jungle walk
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling

3. Jalapao State Park

jalapao state park

An untouched wilderness between the orange-hued dunes makes this state park one of the best Brazil tourist attractions. The cascade-style waterfalls enhance its beauty and that is why adventure lovers don’t miss Jalapao on their trip.

How to reach Jalapau: The route is simple, take a flight to Palmas and drive eastward towards the Jalapao.

Resting places: If your trip is few days long consider staying at Pousada Encantos do Jalapao or Ibis Palmas, and Atlas Hotel

4. Olinda

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Besides natural wonder, Brazil is known for its cultural wonders too. And Olinda is one of the best places to visit in Brazil to know the country. The city comes alive during the carnival festival in March.

Every nook and corner of the city reflects the unmatchable energy and gets painted in colors. Do not miss the giant dolls parade of the festival. 

Arriving at Olinda: It lies in the state of Pernambuco, so take a flight to the state’s Airport from Brazil’s main Airport. 

Budget Stays: Hostel da 13 e Suites, Eco Olinda B&B, Hotel Costeiro

Fun things to do in Olinda, Brazil

  • Take amazing rides at Mirabilandia amusement park
  • Explore wall art galleries
  • Shopping at creative and enchanting local markets is highly recommended

5. Chapada Dos Veadeiros, Alto Paraiso de Goias

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Though the name is tough to pronounce, the place is worth visiting. Surprisingly, the trip to this national park is free. So, pack your bag and come to Goias with your friends or family. Enjoy hiking at four official trails of the park during the day and do camping at night. 

Transport facilities: Brasilia is closest to the Alto from where you will easily get a direct bus to Alto Paraiso de Goias

Hotels close by: Within a few km, you will find cheap accommodations. Villa Tereza, Tapindare Hotel, Pousada Casa de Shiva are the few

Best things to see: Santa Barbara waterfall and Couros fall are two major Brazil tourist attractions

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6. Brasilia

famous places in brazil

One of the best things to do in Brazil is exploring its federal capital. The place has ample monuments that are different from that of other famous places in Brazil. The unbelievable state-of-art architecture is the result of its ambitious urbanization project.

Therefore, Brasilia has lots of modern landmarks that are worth seeing once in a lifetime. 

How to reach: Since the city is well connected with bus networks with other cities, you can reach here from anywhere in Brazil. 

Things to see in Brasilia:

  1. National park of Brasilia
  2. Santuario dom bosco church
  3. Paranoia lake

7. Sao Paulo

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Call it a cultural haven because the financial city, as well as the largest Brazilian city, has the best of both worlds. History and culture reflect in each corner of Sao Paulo, right from the artistic walls to the museums, everything will amaze you. 

Sao Paulo is a great place for all tourists especially foodies because of the delicious savories served here. The Brazilian pizza and ice cream pizza will definitely change your mind about Pizzas. 

Arriving at Sao Paulo: Land to the domestic airport Congonhas from where all tourist attractions are easily reachable. 

Staying here: Tivoli Mofarrej is the best hotel to spend a day or week at Sau Paulo

Famous Places in Sao Paulo

  1. The Art Museum, Avenida Paulista
  2. Ibirapuera Park
  3. Gothic church ‘Si’ at Prace da Se

8. Iguacu Falls

things to do in brazil

The Iguacu falls is one of the most famous places in Brazil and reason being 247 waterfalls that make this semicircle fall. This is also an important place because 3 countries Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil meet here.

Moreover, the subtropical rain forests around the falls are even more special because of exotic species of animals and birds. There is a National Park as well which is listed under UNESCO. 

Ways to reach: Fly to Foz do Iguacu Airport and the falls are within 5 minutes distance

Recommended Accommodations: Awasi Iguazu, The Panoramic Hotel, Yacutinga Lodge

Best things to do 

  1. Helicopter ride
  2. Boat ride
  3. Hiking and trekking

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9. Sugar Loaf

brazil tourist attractions

Do not get confused by its name; it is a 394m high promontory covered with trees. However, the popular Rio de Janeiro emblem at the top makes it one of the famous places in Brazil. It is an important trade destination as most of the sugar comes from here.

But for tourists, the breathtaking cable rides at the peak of the mountain make it a pretty exciting place. 

How to reach: Cable cars from the ground station is the only way to reach sugarloaf mountain

Nearby Hotels: Aquarela do Leme and Princesa Isabel Copacabana are the two best accommodations for visitors. You can enjoy exceptional views from the hotel rooms. 

Nearby tourist attractions in Brazil

  1. Berlin victory column for history lovers
  2. Sao Bento monastery
  3. Jardim Botanico garden

10. Porto de Galinhas

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There’s nothing special about beaches, the same turquoise water, and pristine sand at the shores. But Porto de Galinhas is extremely special and has also been awarded as ‘Best Brazilian Beach’ multiple times. It is because of the coral reef and colorful fishes at the surface that welcome tourists. 

For an underwater adventure, this is undoubtedly one of the amazing places to visit in Brazil. 

Closest Airport: Recife International Airport 

Where to stay: Kembali Hotel, Armacao resort, Residencia Medina

Top tourist attractions in Porto de Galinhas: Cupe beach, Muro Alto beach, Santo Aleixo island

11. Salvador

safest places to visit in brazil

Nobody returns unhappily from Salvador. It is the happiness capital of Brazil and famous for its vibrant and vivacious outdoor parties. The street carnival festival is the best time to get lost in the music, history, and culture of the country. 

Closest Airport: Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhaes is 27 km away from the city but it is the only closest airport

Resorts nearby: Hotel Bahia Do Sol and Monte Pascoal Praia are most recommended

Brazil tourist attractions in Salvador

  1. Elevador Lacerda- Longest elevator
  2. Sao Francisco- Ornate church of the city
  3. Carmelite church- A little treasure

12. Campos do Jordao- Brazilian Switzerland

brazil tourist attractions

Hiking, riding, climbing, biking; just name it and you’ll find all the best places for outdoor activities here. This municipality in the southeast of Brazil is uncommon for its location and called Brazilian Switzerland. It is located at more than 5000ft high above sea level and has breathtaking destinations.

But, the restaurants, cafes, and nightlife culture of Campos do Jordao is something tourists should not miss. Moreover, the annual winter festival of the city will win your heart. 

Airport close by: Congonhas and Sao Paulo Airport are the closest. Take the bus from Tiete Bus terminal and you are there.

Where to stay: Villa Casato Residenza is best if you are traveling with pets

Campos do Jordao, Brazil Famous Places

  1. Amantikir Park is an unexpected treat here
  2. Sculptural art museum- Felica Leirner
  3. Award-winning Grande hotel for their delicious and world-class pizzas
  4. Churrasco ao Vivo is best for meat lovers
  5. Baden Baden is famous for its crafted beers

13. Penedo

famous places in brazil

If you hate the crowd then come to Penedo. This small town has less population but has tourist spots that even got mentioned in the famous books. Historical and religious places are the center of attraction here. 

How to come to Penedo: Take a bus either from Rio de Janeiro or S. Paulo to reach Penedo

Best and cheap accommodations: Pousada, Vista Linda Hotel, Hotel Rio Penedo

Things To See In Penedo

  1. Nacional do Itatiaia- a bird paradise
  2. Paco Imperial Museum
  3. N S da Corrente Church
  4. Chocolate houses
  5. Three falls waterfalls

If you are in Brazil and did not visit these 13 famous places, your trip is a waste. So, bookmark all these for the next Brazilian adventure. 

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