Cheapest Places To Travel In The World | Budget Friendly Travel

Cheapest Places To Travel In The World | Budget Friendly Travel

Traveling is more than a hobby. It’s a way of living with everyday drudgery. However, budgeting seems to be the most crucial thing when deciding where to go for the next vacation. Most people think international traveling is super expensive but you will find plenty of countries that offer cheap traveling without compromising with fun and adventure.

Given below are the top 7 budget-friendly places to travel around the world. The best thing about these budget-friendly travel destinations is that they have much to offer.

1. Mexico

Mexico is best known for its cheap beach resorts. Apart from a beach holiday, there is much more to discover and explore in this colorful country. If you wish to experience budget-friendly travel, start with Mexico City, to Oaxaca & end on the Yucatan Peninsula. Since the travel costs are much cheap, you can visit epic waterfalls, dense jungles, and more.

Best time to visit- between December & April

Things to See and Do

  • Wander through Mexico City’s Chapultepec Park
  • Explore Zócalo
  • Go diving
  • Get lost in Guadalajara

Where to Stay

  • Suites DF Hotel
  • Haina Hostal
  • Casa del Sol

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2. Romania

Most of Europe’s travel secrets lie in Romania. This spectacular region is far beyond your expectations. No matters whether it's ancient fortified churches, cute medieval towns, or gorgeous Carpathian Mountain, you will be able to taste a flavor you never tasted before. Just pack your bags and be ready to travel on a budget.

Best time to visit- mid-May to mid-September

Things to See and Do

  • Alexandru Borza Botanic Gardens
  • Hike at Mount Tampa
  • Visit the Danube Delt
  • See the Wildlife in Northern Dobruja

Where to Stay

  • Hunter Prince Castle & Dracula
  • Grand Hotel Continental
  • SunGarden Golf & Spa Resort

3. Brazil

Brazil is the fifth-largest country which is filled with all the best budget travel destinations. Despite the fact, Brazil suffered turbulent political times, the country fulfills the desires of tourists. From the waterfalls of Iguacu to viewing the beautiful bay of Rio de Janeiro, you can get the most out of your journey.

Best time to visit- Dec-Mar (summer) & Jun-Sept (winter)

Things to See and Do

  • Enjoy Rio Carnival
  • Visit Brasilia
  • Explore the Pantanal
  • See Sao Paulo

Where to Stay

  • BKariok Hostel
  • Books Hostel
  • EI Misti House

4. Thailand

Another country that begs the title of “cheapest holiday destinations” is Thailand. For a long time, this incredible country has been offering great value to tourists. It's sometimes known as “budget travel heaven” as you get a comfy hotel, and food at a very low price. That’s why it’s a go-to place for ex-pats and nomads looking for a low cost of living without compromising anything.

Best time to visit- between November & April

Things to See and Do

  • Visit the Grand Palace & Wat Pho
  • Relax on tropical islands
  • Go jungle trekking

Where to Stay

  • Green House Hostel
  • Mad Monkey Hostel
  • The So Hostel

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6. Nepal

Nepal is a kind-hearted destination with a wonderful bustle of Kathmandu. It happens to be one of the cheapest places to travel in the world for mountain trekking (independent or guided). The routes to the Himalayas are well-supported and the tea houses allow you to eat and sleep peacefully. If you are thinking of visiting Nepal, don’t forget the epic trek to Annapurna Base camp.

Best time to visit- between October & December

Things to See and Do

  • Everest Base Camp
  • Manaslu
  • Annapurna Sanctuary
  • Boating
  • Bungee Jumping

Where to Stay

  • Santa Ghar
  • Himalaya Lodge
  • Rupakot Resort Pvt. Ltd.

6. Cambodia

Ever heard of Angkor Wat- a huge temple complex that is the heart of the Khmer empire. This sprawling site is located in Cambodia, a pleasant place for travel lovers. If you wish to have a true taste of Asia, then visit the Mekong River. This southeast Asian nation has everything from the Gulf of Thailand to the Mekong Delta to low-lying plains which are enough to make your trip memorable.

Best time to visit- between November to January

Things to See and Do

  • The Killing Fields
  • Bokor National Park
  • Koh Kong
  • Visit Kampot

Where to Stay

  • The Siem Reap Hostel
  • Monkey Republic
  • Monkey Maya
  • Sla Boutique Hostel

7. Ukraine

Another possible cheapest country to travel to is Ukraine. Most travelers avoid this remote area due to simmering conflict between Ukraine and Russia, however, Ukraine deserves to be on the list of top budget-friendly travel destinations due to its outstanding coastal city of Odesa.

Best time to visit May-June or September

Things to See and Do

  • Visit Chernivsti University
  • Relax at Arcadia Beach
  • Hangout in Ploshcha Svobody

Where to Stay

  • Garis Hostel
  • DREAM Hostel
  • Park Plus Hostel

These are some of the cheapest foreign trips from India.

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