7 Most Beautiful Places and Amazing Destinations in The World to Visit

7 Most Beautiful Places and Amazing Destinations in The World to Visit

A travel enthusiast always looks for a new place that gives him an out-of-the-world feel and holds unknown secrets. Well, Earth does have endless wonders of the world to see that are hard to believe but very few know about them. Our list of the most beautiful places in the world will surely blow your mind.

The magical surroundings and surreal beauty of those amazing destinations worldwide are no less than a fairy tale world. So get ready to begin a journey you’d remember lifetime. 

Explore 7 Most Beautiful Places In The World For A Heavenly Experience

1. Sea Of Stars, Vaadhoo Island

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Make your way to the Wonderful Beach Oasis of Maldives. This one is no ordinary beach and a sight to behold at night when water light up the beach. Yes, the water glows during the night but the event is a rare phenomenon and its occurrence depends heavily on environmental factors.

Wondering how it happens? The bioluminescent phytoplankton phenomenon is the secret. It happens due to a natural chemical reaction whereby the presence of oxygen disturbs the microorganisms of the sea. As a result, one sees bright and shiny sea water.

Where is Vaadhoo Island?

The small island is very close to the capital city of Maldives, Male, and is situated on RAA Atoll. So, getting it isn’t difficult. Get a speedboat from Male and within 15 minutes you’ll be there. 

When to visit?

Well, Maldives can be best explored during December and January but those coming especially to this natural wonder should plan between June to October. 

Best place to stay- Vaadhoo Island Resort Hotel gives you a closer view of the sea of stars. 

2. Bryce Canyon, Bryce, Utah

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The red and orange cliff of Bryce Canyon is one of the Natural Wonders of the World to see. And for adventure seekers and shutterbugs alike, it is a must-go destination in Utah. Why?

The reasons are many but the Hoodoos (collection of colorful rocks) within the park is the main one. They are nature’s best creation and formed by mudstone, limestone, and dolomite rock types. And what sets them apart is their distinct shape created due to erosion. 

These geographical structures are a spectacle to capture in the cameras. 

Directions to the park: Either drive to the park from Las Vegas or take a flight from Bryce Canyon Airport. 

Activities To Do At Bryce Canyon National Park:

  1. Although the park has several hiking trails, Under the rim and Riggs Spring Loop is popular among tourists. And nighttime is the best time to explore these long trails. 
  2. Camping at the park’s two main campgrounds- Sunset and North Campground that remains open all time
  3. See the dwarf pinyon pine forests that are home to porcupines, bobcats, foxes, black bears, and more

Places to stay: You can stay within the park at its Byrce Canyon Lodge. It has 4 lodging units with deluxe cabins; all have rustic designed rooms, log-framed porches, and rubble stone chimneys. 

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3. Vatnajökull, Iceland

most beautiful places in the world to visit

Iceland holds the largest glacier within the Vatnajokull National Park. The landscape below the glacier is full of ice caves, valleys, beautiful lagoons, and volcanoes. The Water Glacier is famous for a part that is approx a kilometer thick.

30 outlet glaciers, stunning canyons, waterfalls, and a huge amount of land make this Europe’s biggest glacier one of the amazing destinations worldwide. 

Getting to the park- Reykjavik and Skaftafell connect to the park and can be accessed via daily buses running from these locations. 

Best time- summer is the ideal month to enjoy outdoor activities like skiing and chill here

Hotels nearby- Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon and Skaftafell Hotel are located near the park. Both have amenities like a restaurant, internet services, comfortable rooms, and bathtubs. 

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4. Namib Desert, Namibia

most beautiful places in the world

Namibia desert is an amalgamation of red dunes and skeletal trees. The desert is the location of the shooting of the film, Mad Max: Fury Road.

Directions- You can reach the dessert from the capital Windhoek via road. If you are coming from the north end, then head to Walvis Bay. 

What to see- Skeleton Coast, Moon Valley, bald granite peaks aka Spitzkoppe within the desert park are sights to see.  

Places to stay- You’ll get plenty of hotels near the Namib desert. Recommended ones are Sossus Oasis Camp Site, Le Mirage Resort & Spa, Elegant Eco Camp. 

5. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

In the remote Southwest of Bolivia, a flat spread of 3,800 square miles of salt spreads out. Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat, which is a boundless sheet of hexagonal salt tiles of salt. It’s one of the most breathtaking wonders of the world to see. 

Regardless of the dry weather and frosty nights, this scenario is full of life. Pink flamingos, ancient cacti, and rare Hummingbirds find their habitats in Salar de Uyuni. During the wet season, the salt desert is transformed into an enormous salt lake deep, accessible by both boat and truck. 

Directions to get there: 

The world’s largest salt desert lies on the outskirts of Bolivia but can be easily accessible from Uyuni town. Start your journey from La Paz via bus. A rental car is another option from the Uyuni airport. 

Best Hotel To Stay: Hotel Playa Blanca

Amidst this seemingly infinite salty lake is a hotel built entirely out of—naturally—salt. However, there is no electricity, and water must be merchandised in. But it offers an utter silence, enveloping austere beauty, and a jaw-dropping view of the night sky. 

6. Bromo Volcano, East Java, Indonesia

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Mount Bromo is probably the most famous volcano in East Java’s Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, thanks to its rich and extraordinary sunrise scenes. It’s one of the weird yet amazing destinations worldwide that one will ever witness.

How to get there- Direct flights from all the major airports of Indonesia fly to Juanda International Airport. Take a taxi or cab to Mount Bromo from there. 

Activities to do:

  1. Take a coffee break at nearby restaurants and enjoy the stunning views of the mountain at the same time
  2. Horse riding is a popular activity to do at the sea of sands
  3. Watch the spectacular sunrise early in the morning
  4. Climb at Semeru mountain
  5. Visit Bromo Tengger Semeru park
  6. Madakaripura waterfall nearby is a must-see spot

Hotels closer to Bromo:

  1. Cahyo homestay
  2. Gunung Bromo guesthouse
  3. Bromo Deddy homestay 

7. Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine

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Walking alongside the Tunnel of Love is nothing less than a fairy tale and is quite romantic too! The lovely tunnel is very popular among lovers.

However the tunnel includes a portion of the industrial railway route, which is found near Klevan town in the northwest of Ukraine, railway makes a passageway through beautiful vegetation, especially the tree arches.

Directions: It is located in Klevan city of Ukraine from where you can directly reach the tunnel via Klevan Station. 

When to go- June- September

Nearby Attractions: Olyka castle, Holy Assumption Church, 

It’s time for travelers to experience all these most beautiful places in the world and create some magical memories forever.


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