Best Places To Visit In Japan | Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Japan

Best Places To Visit In Japan | Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Japan

Japan the country that welcomes the sun and is rising every day with new technological advancements has its deep roots in culture. With its mix of engaging, ultramodern cities; and small towns Japan is loaded with innumerable tourist attractions that motivate and charm guests.

From memorable châteaux and eye-catchy flower presentations to bizarre scenes, here are some best destinations in Japan. 

Top 30 Tourist Attractions In Japan

1. Mount Koya

best places to visit in Japan

Mount Koya, the profound home of Shingon Buddhism in Japan, a group established over 1,200 years back by one of Japan’s most essential religious figures, Kobo Daishi. The order’s central station, Kongobu-Ji Head Temple, is determined to the woods secured peak of Mount Koya.

More than 100 different sanctuaries have been built up around Mount Koya. They offer the opportunity to the guests to encounter a run-of-the-mill priest’s way of life amid an overnight remain.

Best Routes: Cable cars run from Gokurakubashi where you can reach via train from the Nankai Koya Line of Shin-Imamiya station

Top attractions: Okunion Temple, Reihokan Museum, Pilgrimage trails

Hotels to book: Either stay at Shukubo Koya-san Eko-in, a mid-range hotel with old style accommodation and all modern facilities, or Kumagaii which is a budget-friendly stay 

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2. Noto Peninsula

best places to visit in Japan

Containing the northern segment of Ishikawa Prefecture, the Noto Peninsula is home to some of Japan’s most staggering untouched wide-open scenes. Besides appreciating the characteristic landscape, the landmass also offers various spots for angling, swimming, and the outdoors.

Its two principal vacationer focuses, Wajima City and Wakura Onsen, are home to less than 30,000 individuals. 

What To See In Noto Peninsula?

  1. Scenic Okunoto coast
  2. Chirihama beach
  3. Myojoji Temple
  4. Kongo coast 
  5. Sojiji temple

Getting There:  

Every day 2 flights take off from Haneda Airport of Tokyo to the Peninsula. you can take the bus to get around the place. Wakura Onsen is the only bus station here and trains from JR Hokuriku Shinkansen departures every hour. 

Budget Stays: Freedom 2 dormitory for separate rooms for men and women is the cheapest stay at Wakura Onsen. 

3. Nachi Falls

famous places in japan

Nachi waterfall is the highest waterfall in the country, which drops below 133 meters (436 feet), gushing down the river. This waterfall is overlooked by the grand Nachi Taisha Shinto Temple, which is more than 1,400 years old.

Built-in the memory of the waterfall’s Kami (soul god), this temple is one of the many Buddhist and Shinto religious places, which are found around the fall. You won’t regret traveling to one of these beautiful top 30 tourist attractions in Japan. 

Route: Kii-Katsuura Station runs buses every hour to the Nachi station from where the waterfall is 5 minutes away. 

Opening hours: 07 am to 04:30 pm 

Admission fees: 300 yen 

Hotels around Nachi:

If you want to stay at a place closer to Nachi, look no further than Mminpaku Kodo. It is within 2 km of the waterfall but a one-night stay here is expensive. Albergue Kodo and Maru House are budget-friendly but they are pretty far from the destination. 

4. Kiso Valley

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The Kiso Valley in Japan is the home to the Nakasendo trail, one of just five Edo-period parkways associating with Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto. Along the valley lies several popular tourist attractions of Japan such as:

  1. Mount Kisokoma
  2. Mount Utsugi
  3. Hirasawa town
  4. Chiune Sugihara memorial hall
  5. Akasawa natural recreational forest

Route: Reach Kiso valley via JR Shinano express train from Nagoya which is easily accessible from JR Tokaido Shinkansen station, Kyoto

Best Hotels: You’ll find ample hotels around the valley with different accommodation facilities. But some are extremely fabulous, here we have listed a few:

  1. Komao 
  2. Onyado Tsutaya
  3. Morino hotel
  4. Tsutaya Tokinoyada Kazari
  5. Nezame hotel 

5. Mount Fuji

mount fuji

Japan is known for this incredible and renowned mountain. But did you know that Mount Fuji is also a perfect spot for a romantic getaway? Tourists all over the world come to one of the most beautiful and famous places in Japan. 

Although every season is ideal to witness the tremendous snow-capped mountain, the duration between July and September is highly recommended. There is a lot to explore and capture with your naked eyes.

Things To Do At Mt. Fuji

  1. If you haven’t’ done skiing here, you missed all the fun of being at Fuji. So come to the Snow Town Yeti for the ultimate skiing experience
  2. Arakurayama Sengen Park, Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine, Chureito Pagoda, and Mt. Tenjo should be on your checklist
  3. You can gaze at the mountain from Gotemba 5th station or Subaru Line for the stunning views
  4. Curb your hunger at Tetsuyaki, Tempura or Hoto Fudou restaurant 

Route: Cabs and buses take visitors daily from Shizuoka Airport to Mt. Fuji which is approx 80 km away 

Places to Stay: Either book an Mt. Fuji hotel or Hatgao Ichiya, both are the best value for money with all necessary amenities

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6. Shikoku Island

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Shikoku is Japan’s fourth-biggest island, found southwest of the primary island of Honshu to which it is associated using two extension frameworks. This island is likewise attached to persuasive priest Kobo Daishi as the home of the 88 Temple highways, one of Japan's most essential journeys.

Besides drawing in those looking for profound satisfaction, the island offers some dynamite coastlines, mountain ranges, and tumbling streams. 

Top Sights Within Island:

  1. Ritsurin Garden is a historic green place with a small tea house along the pond
  2. Matsuyama Castle, Marugame Castle, and Kochi Castle are must-visit historic places to visit in Japan
  3. For a scenic view and rope climbing experience, come to Mount Ishizuchi

Transport Facilities

Night bus, car, train, and flights are all easy ways to reach Shikoku from Tokyo. However, costs and duration vary for each. You can even get from Osaka via bus or train.  

Best Shikoku Hotels:

The island has superb views that guests can witness from these top 3 hotels:

  1. Setoguchi Retreat Aonagi at the small hill of Ehime
  2. Iya Onsen is a hotel within Iya valley, Tokushima
  3. Auberge de Oishi is a French-style inn in Kagawa

7. Hiroshima


The city carrying the burden of the past has major tourist attractions of Japan such as Hiroshima Castle, Hiroshima peace memorial park, and so on. So, don’t miss this on your Japan itinerary. You will surely get some stories to take back with you. 

Also add Shukkeien Garden, Mazda museum, Atomic Bomb Dome, Itsukushima floating Torii gate to your travel bucket list. 

When To Plan A Trip To Hiroshima?

Weather is moderate all year round but visitors should plan during spring and fall months- March to May, and October. This is the time when all the famous places in Japan are painted with nature’s best colors. 

Hotels In Hiroshima With Views:

Several mid-range hotels are easily available at one of the famous places to visit in Japan- Downtown Hiroshima. Check out the following:

  1. 4-star Knot hotel 
  2. Nest hotel
  3. Rihga Royal
  4. Hiroshima Washington hotel
  5. Candeo hotel 

8. Matsumoto Castle

places to visit in japan

Matsumoto Castle, Japan is one of the original landmarks left in Japan. Originally built in 1504, its present form was extended to its modern form in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. The nickname Karasu-Jo (Crow Castle), is known for its amazing black and white three-turreted main keep.

Opens at 8:30 am and closes at 04:30 pm 

Getting there: You can reach Matsumoto via Azusa express from Shinjuku station

9. Gokayama

tourist attractions in japan

Gokayama is part of the World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO, which also includes the neighboring village of Shirakawa-go. Both areas are famous destinations in Japan for their traditional Gassho-Zukuri farmhouses.

These centuries-old houses in Japan have different thatched roofs, which are designed to withstand heavy snowfall. It is less approachable than the popular Shirakawa-go, resulting in more serene and secluded villages.

5 Things You Must Do Here

  1. Visiting Mukarami-Ke Museum which is a collection of houses built in 1578
  2. Learn about ancient crafts and farming methods at Ainokura Museum
  3. Nail-free houses at Shirakwa-go
  4. Selfie spot Ogimachi castle
  5. Know everything about gunpowder at Gokayama folk center museum 

Spend A Night At Himi Umiakari Onsen

Situated close to Toyama bay, this hotel gives unobstructed views you won’t see anywhere else. Hot water baths, delicious Japanese food, and sea-front rooms; what else one needs?

10. Sagano Bamboo Forest

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Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan is positioned in Arashiyama, which is a district on the western outskirts of Kyoto. With the rising sun between the green stalks, the winds pass through gigantic bamboo trees. The bamboo forest is as famous for its beauty, as for the typical sounds created by the bamboo stalks flowing in the air.

How Do I Get There?

It is only 15 minutes journey to the forest from Kyoto station. Get on the train on JR Sagano Line to Saga-Arashiyama St and walk to the world's beautiful forest. 

10 Famous Places To Visit In Japan, Tokyo & Osaka:

places to visit in japan tokyo

  1. Tokyo Sky tree
  2. Disneyland of Tokyo
  3. Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel of Osaka
  4. Universal Studios, Osaka
  5. Shinjuku Gyoen- The most stunning garden of Japan
  6. Inokashira Park- A Heaven in Tokyo
  7. Colorful Ghibli Museum, Tokyo
  8. Traditional Asakusa, Taito
  9. Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Templey, Tsukiji
  10. Amerikamura- The American Village in Osaka

10 Tourist Attractions In Japan’s Largest City- Kyoto

places to visit in japan tokyo

If you are on the exploring journey of Kyoto, head to these famous landmarks:

  1. Nijo Castle
  2. Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine
  3. Kyoto Imperial Palace
  4. Nisha Honganji Temple
  5. National museum art
  6. Tennoji Zoo
  7. Ohori Park
  8. Philosopher's walk
  9. Railway Museum
  10. Ninja Museum 

Next time when you want to explore a new side of the country, head to these famous places in Japan. We bet your itinerary will be full of new experiences. 


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