Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Madagascar | Best Places in Madagascar

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Madagascar | Best Places in Madagascar

The fourth-largest island of the world, Madagascar, has everything so special that even filmmakers can’t resist capturing its beauty. But don’t just take pleasure in the animated version of this island via movies. Take a flight and discover all the beautiful tourist attractions in Madagascar. 

Since it is a whole new place for many and popular only for the flora and fauna, many might face problems while planning their journey. Don’t worry you will get all the necessary info here at Yatravelo. 

Check out below. 

Travel Through Nature At The Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Madagascar

1. Masoala National Park

Tourist Attractions in Madagascar

On their travel, one must discover the extreme flora and fauna of the island. The fauna and flora of Madagascar are exceptionally rich. The name of some of the species present is unheard of even by the locals. 

Aye aye, uroplatus geckos, weasel lemur, fosas, and many more are there. So, head to Madagascar’s largest protected site Masoala National Park and capture all those in your camera. Besides watching birds and animals, the park also allows trekking, camping, hiking, and other adventurous activities. 

How to reach- Take a taxi or motorboat either from the Antalaha or Moaroantsetra city to the park

Opening times- 7:30 am to 6 pm

Entry Fees- 25,000 Ar/person and 200 Ar/child

2. The Blue City

Tourist Attractions in Madagascar

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga is popularly known as the Blue City because of its unique cultural identity. It is a sacred place preserving the 500 years old tradition, ritual, and culture of Malagasy people. 

One of the weird facts about the Rova Palace is that egg-white was used to paint the walls and gate. Whether it is true or not, one can find out only after visiting and talking to locals. 

How to reach- Antananarivo airport is the closest from where you can get a taxi to Royal hill. 

Opening time- 9 am to 4 pm

3. Tsingy of Bemaraha

Tourist Attractions in Madagascar

Call it the wonderful creation of nature. The unique shape landscape and limestone rocks at Tsingy of Bemaraha are natural attractions. They are formed by fossil deposits thus holding a unique identity.

This UNESCO world heritage site is undoubtedly one of the beautiful places to visit in Madagascar. But if you think there are only stones and rocks to see, you are wrong. The place has specific wildlife and a natural reserve that is inaccessible to outsiders. 

What To Do At Tsingy?

1. Hike at popular trails- Andadoany, Ranotsara, and Anjohimanintsy

2. Enjoy camping with friends and no need to carry any camping equipment. Parks provide everything you’d need.

3. Capture landscapes and birds in your camera. The blue-eye Coquerel’s Coua and Madagascan fish eagle are rare but if you stay longer you may see them

How to reach- Arrive at Bekopaka village via RN8 road from Morondava. You can also take a direct RN1 road from Antananarivo 

4. Ifaty and Tulear

Places To Visit In Madagascar

If you want to taste Madagascar’s food, come to this small island in Tulear city. The resorts and restaurants serve authentic food such as Romazava, Mofo gasy, Lasary, and more. 

Things To Do 

1. Snorkeling and Scuba diving at Andavadoaka 

2. Walkthrough nature at Mangily village 

3. Horse riding at Ambotsibotskike village

4. Explore more wildlife at the Reniala Nature Reserve

5. Go fishing in Ifaty

Where to stay- You can’t do all these activities in one day at Ifaty and Tulear and proper rest is also necessary. So spend your Madagascar holiday peacefully while relaxing at any of these budget hotels:

  • The Mora Mora
  • The chez Micheline
  • The Chez Cecile

5. Avenue of The Baobabs

The western part of Madagascar has unbelievable trees. It seems that someone has planted artificial trees but they are real. The tall Baobab trees enhance the beauty of Morondava, especially during sunset. 

One of the unique facts that make it one of the famous tourist attractions in Madagascar is that these trees are standing tall for 1000 years. Therefore, the place is called as 'Queens of the Forest’. 

How to reach Morondava- Take a flight from the capital city of Madagascar, Antananarivo to Morondava and by public transport reach this unique place. 

Things To Do

  • Fishing at Piroque- The fishing village of Morondava
  • Kirindy Forest Reserve 
  • Visit Berokoka Sud Bemanonga where lies the rare black baobab tree but leave your shoes in the car. This will offend the locals
  • Take time for twisted baobab, a rare species of baobab which is also known as Baobabs in Love 
  • Relax at Moronodava beach

Our Best Picks Of Accommodation 

  • Laguna Beach resort
  • Trecicogne 
  • Cap Kimony 

6. Ranomafana National Park

Beautiful Places to visit in madagascar

Though the title of this park means hot water, the park is one of the coolest places to visit in Madagascar. It is home to the golden bamboo lemur, rarest of all, and few more endangered species.

How to reach- Unfortunately there are no other means to reach the park except via road. So pick the route number RN25 and get to the park either via taxi or your private vehicle

Opening times- 24 hours a day

Entry fee- 55,000 AR/person and almost half for kids ( as per 2017 records )

[Note: Check the official website for an accurate price]

7. Ile Sainte Marie

Places To Visit In Madagascar

To the east lies a private and pirate island famous for its calm beaches and palm trees lined across the shore. Few tourists come to Ile Sainte Marie but that doesn’t reduce its beauty. The island offers various fun activities, luxurious resorts, and a laid-back atmosphere.

Couples should definitely come here.

Where To Go And What To Do?

1. Go to Idylle beach 

2. Nosy Nato is the famous viewpoint on the island

3. July month is highly recommended to visit this island due to its popular ‘Whale Festival’. It is an event of fun, games, and all about whales

4. Crazy Lemur café is the ideal spot to taste some delicious food

5. Pizza mama Santa offers the best wood-fired pizza

Recommended Hotels

  • Hotel club paradise
  • Libertalia Hotel
  • Les tipaniers lodge

8. Diana

Places To Visit In Madagascar

There are lots of tourist attractions in the Diana region of Madagascar. The famous Nosy Be Island, Manongarivo reserve, Antsiranana bay, and more. You can spend your time in Diano exploring these places or indulging in water sports. 

How to reach- The city is situated in the northeast part forming borders with Sofia and Sava region. You can reach there either by road or sea route. Visitors can also reach via a flight to Nosy Be Airport

Where To Stay- 

  • Eden Lodge
  • Anjiamaranago beach resort
  • Kite Paradise Madagascar

9. Zahamena National Park

Famous tourists place in Madagascar

Unlike other parks and reserves, this one is quite special and has a background that will give you a feel of Hollywood. The place is perfect for scenic photos whilst capturing unusual birds in your camera. The largest lake of Madagascar also lies here. 

How to reach- Trains from Moramgacirca run every 5-6 hours to Ambatondrazaka which is close to the park. 

Best time to visit- April to October

Opening Time- Open all time but tourists are advised not to stay after sunset 

10. Antananarivo

Top Attractions in Madagascar

Do not miss the cultural hub of Madagascar. The largest city, Antananarivo is also the capital of this island country. 

Places To Visit In Madagascar’s Capital City

  • Lemur’s park
  • Croc Farm
  • Analakely Market
  • Tsimbazaza Zoo
  • APrc Tsarasaotra
  • Is’Art Galerie
  • Open-Air Markets

Best Hotels In Antananarivo

  • Sakamanga Hotel
  • Downtown Hotel
  • Hotel Carlton 

Fully enjoy the Malagasy atmosphere, the endemic nature, and charismatic landscapes. Don’t forget to go to the places mentioned in our list of tourist attractions in Madagascar. 

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