Top 50 Honeymoon Destinations | Best Honeymoon Places And Things To Do

Top 50 Honeymoon Destinations | Best Honeymoon Places And Things To Do

Holding hands, soaking in the sun, or romancing on the beach and that to be in the picture-perfect background will spark never-ending feelings and give a lifetime experience. Indeed! But, it begins with a most difficult question for newlyweds- where to go?

Our list of the best honeymoon places in the world will give you a hint. Check it out here. 

Top 50 Honeymoon Places Across The Globe


Best Honeymoon places

Greece is more than a country, it is an experience; An experience that neither you nor your partner will forget. Each day on your honeymoon would be a love day there because love is in the air and to feel those romantic vibes plan you can plan these activities. 

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Best Honeymoon Destinations In Greece 

1. Santorini- The top choice for a romantic getaway needs no introduction; it is a peace for couples, adventure seekers, and nature lovers

2. Mykonos- If a party is your only purpose; this island has everything for you

3. Athens- Nightlife in this city will double the fun of holidays in Greece

4. Corfu- Beautiful churches, Albanian River, olive oil tasting tour, and more will make your Corfu honeymoon memorable

5. Rhodes- UNESCO world heritage site is a most-preferred wedding destination of couples, and later they re-visit the town for honeymoon

6. Zakynthos- Sunset at the Kerri Cliffs will leave you stunned, and adventure at this beach island are never-ending

7. Paros- The off-beat island famous for its Greek food and ferry rides

8. Meteora- If you want to capture beautiful memories in the background of stunning nature, this place is perfect

9. Kefalonia- Foodie lovers won’t find a place better than this, take a tour to Kefalonian Brewery

10. Lesbos-  Take your lady to the “Church Of Our Lady Of The Sweet Kiss” aka Panagia Glykofilousa famous for its picturesque surrounding.


best honeymoon destinations on a budget

The Maldives has to be on the list as it’s the most enthralling beside romantic honeymoon destination. It promises unlimited fun and adventure. But if it’s your first time in the Maldives with your soulmate then here are few things to enjoy the romantic getaway. 

Things To Do

Love beaches? The Maldives offers you a chance to experience marine life and pristine coral reefs. Visit Centara Grand Island, Baros, or Bandos to experience the rich flora and fauna of the island.

Explore the uninhabited islands of the Maldives that are perfect for picnics. Desert Island, Thoddo, and Faridhoo beach are a few of those worth-visiting places. 

Scuba diving is a must when you are in the Maldives and many professionals provide scuba lessons to the new ones. So, it’s not a missed activity to do here.

Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations

1. Hulhumale island- A peaceful, less-crowded destination  

2. Vaadhoo island- The glowing water of this island will add charm to your honeymoon

3. Hithadhoo- Snorkeling, diving, dining, shopping, and lots more to do at this populated island

4. Dhigurah- A perfect getaway for adventure seekers

5. Ukulha- Nature is at its best on this cleanest island of Maldives

6. Baros- Island is full of water pool villas and places perfect for romantic dining

7. Mirihi- Get lost in love and enjoy the private moments at this tropical retreat

8. Nalaguraidhoo- A perfect place for selfie lovers and couples

9. Maradhoo- You won’t get more white sand beaches and crystal clear water anywhere else in the Maldives other than this island

10. Bandos- Watersports, and bars are the highlights of this island


romantic destinations for couples

From shopping city Glasgow to golf city St.Andrews, Scotland is perfect for honeymooners with different budgets. The country is home to historic treasures from the medieval period, a reflection of a vibrant lifestyle, and a perfect destination for a dreamy honeymoon.

The streets of Scotland come alive during the Fringe Festival that begins in August every year and gives an unforgettable experience to every art lover. And the moderate climate of Scotland is the icing on the cake for the couples who hate winters and summers.

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Luxurious Romantic Destinations For Couples In Scotland

1. Edinburgh- Rekindle your love in the capital city of the country. The Royal Mile, Calton Hill, and Edingburgh castle are few places to explore during the trip

2. Glasgow- besides being an entertainment and cultural hub, the place is famous for its shopping destinations

3. Inverness- Boat rides, tour to whiskey distilleries, exploring marketplaces dated back to the 19th century, and a lot more to do here

4. Aviemore- If you are planning a honeymoon during winters in Scotland, come to this heavenly place

5. Skye- Old but rustic place surrounded by the tranquil forests is honeymooner’s favorite

6. Glenfinnan- Honeymoon in this highland country will be no less than a movie experience

7. Isle of Lewis- Spoil yourself with your partner at the unspoiled beaches of this beautiful Scottish island

8. Glencoe- Jaw-dropping sceneries are the reason why honeymooners keep coming back here

9. St. Andrews- Whether honeymoon or an adventure trip, the experience you will get here would be extra special especially for the golf lovers

10. Isle of Mutt- Scotland is not much famous for beach destinations, but Calgary bay at the Isle of Mutt is an exception


best beach honeymoon destinations

Breathtaking sceneries make this romantic getaway a paradise for honeymooners. Hawaii is the best holiday spot for ample reasons and you won’t regret planning your honeymoon here. But don’t just limit your activities to watching stunning sunset and enjoying couple massage.

Best Honeymoon Places In Hawaii

1. Eternity Beach of Oahu- Reenact the kiss scene of the famous movie “ From Here to Eternity” here as it was shot at this beach

2. Maui’s Haleakala Summit – Sunset is a bit different here and it will fill your love life with warm colors

3. Na Pali Coast- Explore the dramatic coast of Kauai with your partner

4. Waipio Valley- A perfect romantic excursion at this gorgeous valley of Hawaii

5. Mokulua Islands- It has beaches beyond imagination and Kailua Beach is one of those

6. Lanai- Home to a Sweetheart rock called Pu’u Pehe, the place is pretty special because of the love story of warrior and Maui girl

7. Hanalei Bay- Love is in the air of this bay

8. Mauna Kea- Spend a night gazing at the sky and unleashing the secrets of the universe whilst cuddling with your bay on this island

9. Kalalau Valley- Adventure and love go hand in hand at this valley

10. Makena Beach- Sunbathing, snorkeling, and diving are few things to do at this beautiful beach


Best Honeymoon places

Earth’s paradise, Switzerland is one of the most romantic destinations across the world with the best honeymoon destinations like Geneva, Zurich, Bern, Lausanne, Grindelwald, and more.

These places are filled with enchanted valleys, beautiful snow-clad mountains, and fascinating water bodies that will make your trip blissful.

Top Honeymoon Destinations For Newly Wed Couples

1. Zurich- A vibrant, cultural, and romantic place to make love

2. Contra Dam- If you want to make the trip unforgettable, bungee jumping at contra is a must

3. Zermatt- You can’t leave Switzerland without trying to ski and Zermatt is known for this

4. Interlaken- Those who wish to explore nature should head to Interlaken

5. Lucerne- If you like old school romance, lucerne is good for a vintage honeymoon

6. Ticino- A fancy but relaxing place with spectacular views

7. Grindelwald- The village city is a lover’s escape from hustle and bustle of the city

8. Montreux- Not just your body and mind but the soul will fall in love with this lakeside town

9. Lausanne- Turn on your party mood because Lausanne is the most happening place in Switzerland

10. Bern- Take an outdoor bath with your partner in this Summer city

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Neither the fun nor love should end in a relationship nor will these best honeymoon places in the world. So, book the tickets now and get ready to ooze the romance in these beautiful romantic destinations.


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