Visiting Yellowstone National Park -Famous Attractions, Geysers, Volcano

Visiting Yellowstone National Park -Famous Attractions, Geysers, Volcano

Yellowstone National Park is a paradise for any outdoor enthusiast. You get to see dramatic peaks, pristine lakes, hot springs, forests, meadows, and much more. This extraordinary park is full of unspoiled natural beauty.

However, the park is spread in a very huge area of 8983 km thus many tourists miss many beautiful Yellowstone National Park's famous attractions on their trip. We make sure this doesn't happen with you therefore we've come with the must-visit volcano, thermal and geographical wonders within the park. 

Yellowstone National Park Famous Attractions

1. Lamar Valley

Yellowstone National Park Famous Attractions

Lamar Valley is situated in the northeast corner of the park is one of the places where you can easily spot bears, wolves, bison, and many more species. Besides these, you can also get sight of pronghorn, bald eagles, deer, and coyotes.

2. Hayden Valley

yellowstone national park volcano

This broad valley is located in the center of the Yellowstone National Park volcano. You can spot large herds of bison grazing and lounge by the Yellowstone River. You have a good chance to spot coyotes, waterfowl, grizzly bears, and wolves.

3. Grand Canyon

yellowstone national park geysers

Located on the eastern side, the Grand Canyon is one of the most breathtaking and famous attractions in Yellowstone National Park. This canyon is twenty miles long and up to 4000 feet wide and 1200 feet deep in places.

The multi-hued rock walls and majestic waterfalls of great Canyon are a very rewarding experience. The walls of the canyon are multi-hued. You can see streaks of red, orange, green even gold and black.

The best to experience the different facets of the canyon’s beauty is to pick a trail and hike from there. There are many long and short trails along both the canyon rims. 10 primary overlooks give dramatic views of the canyon from both sides.

4. Old Faithful Geyser

yellowstone national park geysers

The Old Faithful Yellowstone National park Geyser is located at the head of the Upper Geyser Basin. Old Faithful is a cone geyser, which means that they are visible on Earth’s surface as mounds of porous deposits of siliceous sinter.

The eruptions in Old Faithful ranges from 1.5 minutes to 5.5 minutes. The eruption takes place roughly every 90 minutes. Approximately 14000 to 32, 000 liters of hot water is ejected at every eruption. During eruptions, the fountain-like columns of geysers reach an average height of 130-140 feet. It is definitely a breathtaking sight.

5. Grand Prismatic Spring

Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park volcano is the largest and deepest hot spring having length and breadth of 370ft and 121ft respectively. It is one of the most beautiful thermal features in the park. Following the boardwalk, you can reach the multicolored mist of the magnificent pool and its picturesque colored rainbow rings of algae.

The spring drains into the Excelsior pool which was a huge former geyser itself till the 1880s.

6. Shoshone Lake

yellowstone national park famous attractions

The Lake is the second largest geyser in Yellowstone National Park and the largest backcountry lake in the lower 48. It has no access by road and can only be reached by trails. You can enjoy the true beauty of this lake by hiking and boating. The lake is ice-bound until June so keep that in mind while making the itinerary.

7. Mammoth Hot Spring

yellowstone national park geysers

 The impressive Lower and Upper Terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs are highlights of this region. 60 minutes on boardwalks will take you to the ornate limestone pools, ledges, and plateaus. Palette Springs and Canary Springs are some of the most beautiful sites in this region.

Always check-in at the visitor center before coming here to know the status of activities.

4 Ways To Reach Yellow Stone National Park Volcano

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  • By Flight- Book a ticket to Yellowstone Airport which is closest to the airport. You can easily reach via private car or rental vehicles to the park
  • By Car- Wyoming (East), Cooke City (NE), Grand Teton National Park (North), Silver Gate ( Route no. 212), and Routes No. 14,16, and 20 from Cody are five entrances to the park
  • By Bus- Take a Salt Express Shuttle from Utah City from Amtrak and get to the park
  • Nearby waterways are also one of the public transport options for tourists. However, there is no transport facility available within the park so you have to rent a car. You can either book a tour for the same.

Best Places To Stay

yellowstone national park famous attractions

The park is huge and you cannot see it entirely in a day. So, book accommodation in advance. Here are few best places in and near the park:

  1. Canyon Lodge- Beautiful lodges of Canyon village offer great sightseeing and modern facilities to travelers. The lodge has spacious rooms and everything that you’d need during your stay.
  2. Old Faithful Inn- The 2-star hotel near the park has a lounge, fireplace, spacious suites, and rooms. It is very close to the park and the airport as well. The best part about this landmark accommodation is its proximity to the Geyser basin and other famous attractions.
  3. Lake Yellowstone Hotel- If you are traveling with family then pick this hotel. The hotel is within the park and his big family rooms and separate rooms as well.

Other accommodations available near the park are:

  • Yellowstone Gateway Inn
  • Gray Wolf Inn & Suites
  • Cowboy’s Lodge
  • City Center Motel for low-budget tourists
  • Clubhouse Inn for mid-range travelers
  • 1872 Inn –Adults Exclusive is a popular luxurious stay here

However, tourists are advised to book early as most lodges and hotels are full during the peak seasons.

Tips To Remember Before Traveling To Yellowstone National Park Geysers

-Animals are most active during dawn and dusk. For your best experience, reach the valley before sunrise.

– Take binoculars to spot the animals in the wilderness. Many of them are not visible with naked eyes.

– Be still and quiet. Patiently wait for an animal to wander by. Wildlife will never wander around the bustle of human existence.

– Stop when you see people pulled over, there is a chance that they have spotted an animal

– Check-in at the visitor center to know the status of activities

Best Time To See Yellowstone National Park Animals

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While the park gets visitors all around the year, considering the time of your travel can save you money and make your experience better. Flights to the nearest big airport- Wyoming is cheapest during the offseason that is between October and February.

Prices of the hotel stay also drop after Labor Day which becomes easy on the pocket. Many times road closure takes place in late September or October due to weather, so keep that in mind.

The park is busiest in July and August. So traveling in shoulder months that is between April to June and between September to October will give you mild weather and less crowd.

The Yellowstone National Park has some otherworldly landscapes for nature lovers. Every year approximately 3.5 million people flock to see this piece of beauty. Covering almost 9000 km² of area, this park has the greatest super-volcano, subalpine forests, geysers, and hot springs. This is your sign to plan your trip to this magical land.


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