Top 10 Malta Tourist Attractions | Best & Famous Place to visit in Malta

Top 10 Malta Tourist Attractions | Best & Famous Place to visit in Malta

A small archipelago but a wealthy travel destination, Malta packs glorious varieties in itself.  Hidden coves, thrilling scuba diving experiences, prehistoric temples, and fossil studded cliffs and a remarkable history there are a lot of famous places in Malta that can keep you hooked.

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Malta

Here are the best places to visit and see in Malta:

  1. Explore Valletta: See the fortification, visit the St. John’s Co-Cathedral, history museum, Malta’s Grand Harbour and national war museum.
  2. Wander in Mdina: See the catacombs, ancient Roman house and the Knights of Malta museums.
  3. Hike in Gozo: Coastal trails in Gozo offer different routes around the island.
  4. The Tarxien Temples: This UNESCO World Heritage Site dates back to 3150 BCE.
  5. Hit The Beaches: Golden Bay, Mellieha Bay, Peter’s Pool and Paradise Bay are great beaches in Malta for soaking sun.
  6. Attend the Carnival: Carnival is held in February every year with parades, dancing and costumes.
  7. Take a Cruise: To get a different view of the island, ride around the coast in cruise.
  8. Explore the Citadel: The fort was built by the British in Rabat on the island of Gozo.
  9. Go Diving: Water around the island is so clear that you get excellent visibility for exploring
  10. Relax in Barrakka Gardens: Located in Valletta, these gardens overlook harbor. This relaxing nook is one of the best places to visit in Malta

The Maltese people are warm and welcoming: if you ask for directions, it’s likely a local will walk with you to help you find the way. Plenty of 21st-century sophistication can be found, but there are also pockets where you feel you’ve gone back in time, especially on Gozo, where mammoth churches tower over quiet villages.

Where To Stay In Malta

While Airbnb will give you the best experience of Malta destinations, staying in hostels in much cheaper. You can find few options around Valletta.

  • The Phoenicia Malta
  • La Falconeria Hotel
  • The Westin Dragonara Resort, Malta
  • AX The Palace
  • Palazzo Violetta Boutique

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How To Get Around In Malta

Buses: Public buses take you everywhere and a single fare is 1.50 EUR in the winter and 2 EUR in the summer. Besides public buses, there is also a hop-on, hop off bus that covers all major sites around the country.

Rental Car: Rental cars will cost you between 10-25 EUR per day for a small car.

Ferry: The ferry to Gozo costs around 5 EUR and it fills up fast. The ferry from Malta to Italy costs around 82 EUR for one-way ticket to Sicily.

Taxis: Charges for taxi start at 6 EUR and cost around 2.25 EUR per kilometer. You can also download eCab app for shorter distances.

 Best Time To Visit Malta

Summer is the best time to visit Malta. From June to August, the weather is warmest. Temperature ranges around 88°F. Naturally this is the busiest time of the year so the country is crowded and prices are higher.

The shoulder months of May and September/ October is a great compromise of decent weather and less crowd.

Malta house some of the mysterious ancients. These astounding prehistoric sites were constructed by sophisticated-seeming temple builders, who also left miniature figurines and mammoth sculptures of ‘fat ladies’ that are housed in Malta’s fascinating museums.

Gorgeous Waters Of Malta

Being an archipelago you will find the best beaches in Malta with beautiful waters and gorgeous islands. A world of caves, sandy beaches and the underwater are the most amazing thing to be explored in Malta.

There are several things to do in Malta beaches. Jostled with boats, yachts and speedboats the marinas are all adorned for the people to take them to the sky blue waters.

Above the water, walking tracks negotiate view-filled pathways linking isolated coves and sight of beautiful beach in Malta.

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Blend Of History And Contemporary World

Located in the Mediterranean Malta is alluring and its islands are full of majestic above- and below-ground defences. Malta has a great connection to the history as it was seen in the Netflix original ‘The Crown’, where the queen used to live in Malta with her husband while he was serving in navy.

A Mediterranean Cocktail

Malta is staunchly Roman Catholic but is also home to a beguiling mix of cultures that has stewed together over generations. Traditional Maltese food mixes Sicilian and Middle Eastern flavours, while making use of local ingredients such as rabbit and honey. Here is a list of popular traditional Maltese food that you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Ħobż/Ftira biż-Żejt: A wholesome open sandwich
  2. Pastizzi: These savory cheese cakes are a popular street-food in Malta
  3. Stuffat tal-Fenek: Much celebrated rabbit stew
  4. Bigilla: This Maltese bean paste is a popular dip
  5. Torta tal-Lampuki: This pie is a popular dish in Malta made of Lampuki or dorado fish

Out in the open, gigantic temples and towers from many different eras stand proud, continuing their endless watch over the sea. One of the best places to visit in Malta lies underground: Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, a 5000-year-old necropolis carved from the living rock.

Malta has a great balance of culture, adventure and beach. With its deep and complex history, you’ll find no shortage of historical places to explore. The islands are also known for their secret beaches, as long as you know where to look.


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