Top 10 Things to do in Moscow | Famous Place to visit in Moscow Russia

Top 10 Things to do in Moscow | Famous Place to visit in Moscow Russia

Moscow is a thriving, exuberant capital city that overflows with life, culture, and sometimes traffic. The city thrills visitors with its artistry, history, and majesty making it a perfect holiday destination. And they can add fun to their trip with these things to do in Moscow. 

If you are planning a trip to Moscow soon, do try the things mentioned in our list.

Things To Do In Moscow At This Holiday Destination

1. Visit The Red Square

Tourist Attractions in Moscow

If you like to explore the political history and architectural magnificence the do visit the Red Square. It is no ordinary square, the place was once a key location for traders. Now, it attracts tourists for the beautiful and historical attractions in Moscow that surround the square. 

How to get there- Take a metro train to any of the 3 nearest stations- Teatralnaya, Ploschad Revolutsii, and Okhotny Ryad. Red Square is approx 300 meters away from these stations.

2. Shop At GUM

things to do in moscow

Shopping lovers should not miss this departmental store in Russia. All the luxurious brands like Zara, Dior are available here. The glass roof, decorated interiors, concrete walkways, and high-end boutiques at the GUM are the reason why it is the main shopping center in Russia. 

Those who don’t want to shop should also come to taste the classic food in Moscow at GUM. 

How to get there- GUM is located around the Red Square, Moskva so once you complete the visit to historical places to visit in Moscow, spend some time here

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3. See The Ancient Masterpieces At Pushkin

things to do in moscow

The Pushkin Museum of art is one of the best places to visit in Russia. The wide collection of artworks from the Golden Period of the Dutch make it the largest museum in Europe. Most of the masterpieces reflect the ancient civilizations of Italy. 

And to see all you have to explore three different sections of the that contain total of 560,000 artworks. 

Location- 14, Volkhonka Street

Opening hours- 10 am to 7 pm

When to visit- March to May

Ticket price- 10USD

How to reach- Take a metro to the Kropotkinskaya station and walk down to 14 street.

4. Get The Panoramic View Of Moscow From Ostankino

Top Attractions in Moscow

There is no other place in the entire Moscow from where you can get a stunning view of the city. Ostankino is the oldest and was the tallest tower of that time and 11th in the world now. You can see the entire city from the glass deck of this 540 high TV and radio tower. 

And if you don’t get space there, observe the city from any of the 7 observation stands within the tower. 

[Fun Fact: The tower oscillates up to 10 meters due to heavy wind currents] 

Best time to visit- April to October

Opening hours- 10 am to 10 pm

Location- 15 Street Akademika Koroleva 

Ticket price- USD 12.40 (Prices depend on the time of visit)

5. Explore The Space At The Museum Of Cosmonautics

places to visit in russia

If you are a crazy space guy who wishes to explore the universe someday, this museum is the perfect place for you. The Museum of Cosmonautics holds the collection of space items from the time when Russia and the US were engaged in space war. 

What to see?

  • Space capsule of Yuri Gagarin
  • Sputnik models
  • Miniature spaceship models
  • Watch a short space movie in the in-built cinema hall of the museum
  • Visit the Sergey Korolev Memorial house 

Location- Prospekt Mira 111, Moskva

Opening hours- 10 am to 7 pm | Close at 9 pm on Thursday & Saturday

Ticket prices- RUB 175-300

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6.Treat Your Taste Buds the Russian Way

food in moscow

While strolling around the festival venues, dig into a smorgasbord of taste-tempting Russian specialties. But you don’t have to visit other famous places in Russia to taste all the delicacies. Food in Moscow is a reflection of all the best cuisines in the country.

Here are the ultimate food destinations within the city:

  • Bon is famous for authentic Russian dishes
  • Lavka Lavka serves the best of both tradition and modernity 
  • Ottepel serves the best fish soup in Russia
  • Café Pushkin is perfect for meat lovers 
  • Piccolino brings the flavors from Italy to your plate 

7. Relax At Gorky Park

Famous Tourist Attractions in moscow

Gorky Park is no ordinary park with walkways and a fountain. Its name tells us how famous it is as the park is named after Maxim Gorky ( a famous Russian poet). Lot of fun things to do in Moscow can be best experienced at the park such as:

  • Attending free yoga classes is one of the best things to do in Moscow. 
  • Spend time with park animals.
  • Go for a boat ride with paddleboats
  • Bicycling Around the park
  • Watch movies at open air-movie theatre
  • Groove with local street artists and dancers  

8. Capture A Masterpiece In-Camera

Famous Tourist Attractions in moscow

Moscow has ample architectural brilliance but the one with a cultural significance is St basil Cathedral. This 9 colorful onion dome structure is one of the top attractions in Moscow. The vibrant walls and marvelous interiors will mesmerize you. And the views are stunning during winters. 

Location- Red Sqaure, Moskva

Opening hours- 9 am to 7 pm

9. Enjoy Opera At The Bolshoi Theatre

Top Attractions in Moscow

There are only a few operas in the world that have preserved this tradition. The Bolshoi theatre is one of them, however, it was damaged and get renovated recently. Despite that, the interior of the theatre is worth appreciating. 

You can enjoy classic performances at this oldest opera company.

Location- Theatre Square 1, Moskva

Opening hours- 11 am to 8 pm

Ticket prices- USD 24-238

10. Know The 13 Evils Of Children

Adventurous Things to do in Moscow

One of the very unusual and rare places to visit in Moscow is Bolotnaya Square. A Russian Artists Mihail Chemiakin constructed a unique bronze structure that truly depicts the evils for kids. The “ Children are the victims of adult vices” status in the park reflects the alcoholism, war, poverty, and 10 more evil vices of adults.  

It is a must-see attraction within Moscow due to its unique location as well. The park is built on the banks of the Moscow River. 

Location- Kremlin, Moscow

Opening hours- open 24 hours a day

Fees- No entrance fee

Best Time To Visit Moscow

Things to do in Moscow

To plan a trip to Moscow December or January are the best months to soak up the festive atmosphere. 

But if you find braving the frigid temperatures a bit too daunting. Book a ticket for late spring and early autumn to see the country cloaked in the hues of verdant green or luminous russet.

Places To Stay

places to visit in russia

  1. Axel Hostel- Basmanny
  2. Guest House Yum Yum- Tverskoy
  3. Boutique Hotel Venice In My Heart- Krasnoselsky
  4. V Hotel Sadoyaua- Presnensky
  5. Hyatt Regency Moscow- Aeroport 

And yes do not forget to buy the Russian dolls as a souvenir to make your trip a remarkable one and cherish its memories for a lifetime.



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