Best 7 Places to Visit in Zimbabwe | Top Tourist Attractions in Zimbabwe

Best 7 Places to Visit in Zimbabwe | Top Tourist Attractions in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of the most beautiful and affordable countries for tourists. A trip to this South African country will give you a peaceful break from all the hustle bustles. There is so much to explore but one with a tight budget should bookmark these 7 best places to visit in Zimbabwe. 

Check out the 7 top tourist attractions in Zimbabwe that won't break your itinerary budget. 

7 Best Places To Visit In Zimbabwe

1. Bulawayo

places to visit in Zimbabwe

Bulawayo second-biggest town of Zimbabwe is home to the Ndebele tribe and the cleanest city here. Despite being an industrial hub, Bulawayo beckons thousands of tourists every year. Its pleasant lifestyle, historical buildings, national parks, and affordable accommodations are a few reasons to visit Bulawayo.

Best Time to Visit: Early April to June is the best time to visit Bulawayo. It is when the temperature is low and the sky is clear so that you can enjoy the outdoor activities.

How To Reach Bulawayo?

  • By Flight: Take a flight from Joshua M N Komo International Airport to reach the city 
  • By Bus: If you are in Johannesburg, then take a bus service to Bulawayo for a comfortable journey.
  • By Train: Train would take around 14 hours to reach the city from Victoria Falls. Moreover, most of the trains operate without electricity so it's going to be a unique ride.

Where To Stay In Bulawayo?

The Central Business District is the perfect place to find your ideal stay. There are many local restaurants nearby and amenities in the CBD hotels are perfect for tourists on a business trip. Southern Comfort Lodge and Rainbow Hotel are perfect for tight-budget travelers.  

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5 Things To Do In Bulawayo

  • Take a free trip to the Nesbitt Castle
  • Spend a day exploring the history of Zimbabwe's National History Museum
  • Unleash the mysterious Khami Ruins- The 2nd largest stone monument
  • Train enthusiasts should not miss the Bulawayo's Railway Museum
  • National Art Gallery of Bulawayo is a must-visit for art lovers

2. Victoria Falls City

places to visit in Zimbabwe

Don’t get confused by its name, Victoria Falls is a city on the banks of the Zambezi River. It holds one of the thrilling tourist attractions in Zimbabwe in the west. The height of which is almost double that of Niagara Falls. The massive 17, 08 wide Victoria Falls is thus called "Smoke That Thunders"

Best Time To Visit: You can witness the world’s largest waterfall at its peak during summers. So, plan a trip to Victoria between February to May.

How To Reach Victoria Falls?

  • By Bus: Land to Harare and take a bus to one of the most famous tourist attractions in Zimbabwe. It will take only 12 hours from Harare.
  • By Train: The fastest way to reach Victoria is via train that runs overnight from Bulawayo. However, it is a costly affair to reach Victoria by train.
  • By Flight: 11 miles away lies the Victoria International Airport that will take you within few hours to the city. Livingstone Airport is the other nearest place from where you can get a taxi to Victoria.

Best Hotels In Victoria

Cresta Sprayview, Elephant Hills Resort, and N1 Hotel Victoria Falls are the 3 most popular and affordable hotels here. 

5 Things To Do In Victoria

  • Chobe National Park, Botswana
  • Hiking at The Batoka Gorge
  • Get closer to the beasts of water at Victoria Falls Crocodile Park
  • A walking safari at Victoria Falls private game reserve
  • Enjoy the dinner on the Zambezi river sunset Cruise

 3. Harare

the most beautiful city in Zimbabwe

The Sunshine City, Harare is also the capital city with unusual sceneries, rich wildlife, and huge craft markets. It will give you an African feeling with a twist of modern surroundings. 

Besides being a metropolitan zone, ample green spaces for wildlife make it the most beautiful city in Zimbabwe. 

Best Time To Visit Harare: A timeline between April to August is perfect for tourists due to clear weather. Moreover, this is the peak time when most of the tourist attractions in Zimbabwe’s largest city are open.

How To Reach Harare?

  • By flight: Harare International Airport is the one-spot location where flights from Luanda, Nairobi, and Johannesburg land. 
  • By train: Mozambique and Mutare are the closest railway station to Harare.
  • By road: Take a car or taxi from Johannesburg to land in Harare if you love road trips. 

Where To Stay?

Lodges, luxurious resorts, and villas; all kinds of accommodations are available at affordable prices. But for the best deals, Simbabe Harare and the Palace Guest are recommended. 

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5 Things To Do In Harare

  • Discover the ancient sculptures at The National Gallery
  • Meet the big cats at Lion and Cheetah Park
  • Have fun with the family at the Country Club Karts
  • Come to Mukuvisi Woodlands for a thrilling experience
  • Taste the local delicacies at Queen of Hearts café

 4. Mutare

the most beautiful city in zimbabwe

The fourth-largest city and most beautiful city of Zimbabwe is full of picturesque sceneries, blooming boulevards, national museums, and great food places.

Best Time To Visit: April to May are great months for outdoor activities in Mutare. August and October are perfect for nature lovers as the weather is very calm and peaceful then.   

3 Ways To Reach Mutare

  • By Train: A sleeper train from Harare runs on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday in the early morning to Mutare.
  • By Flight: Harare International Airport is the nearest but you have to take either an air taxi or private plane
  • By Bus: Commuter buses from Johannesburg are a decent way to reach Mutare city but be patient as roads are always busy

Where To Stay?

There is a lot of affordable accommodations in Mutare but for the best experience Gordon’s, Holiday INN, and Ann Bruce Backpackers are recommended. You can even get a rental car at some of these stays.

Things To Do In Mutare

  • Mutare Museum is a National Museum here with an aviary house, collection of antiquities, display galleries, etc...
  • Do yachting, fishing, rowing, and explore more than 10,000 aloes at Mutare main park aloe gardens
  • Get closer to nature at Princes of Wales View that offers a magnificent view of green mountains and the whole Mutare
  • Enjoy Zimbabwe cuisine at some of the best restaurants like Karen’s Kitchen, Portuguese Club, Fasho, etc…
  • Go hiking at Vumba trail

5. Chinhoyi Caves Zimbabwe

places to visit in Zimbabwe

Northcentral Zimbabwe gives shelter to the mysterious Chinhoyi Caves. With a subterranean arrangement of limestone and dolomite caverns and tunnels, the caves are protected as the park of Chinhoyi Caves National Park.

The top attraction here is the Wonder Hole, a collapsed cavern with steep wales that falls into the crystalline Sleeping Pool. The shimmering blue water of the lake is a perfect background for photographs and from here tourists can enter the lit-up Dark Cave.

Best Time To Visit: This tourist attraction is open all-year-round

How To Reach Chinhoyi: The shortest route is the main road from Chinhoyi town which is few kilometers away from Harare city.

Best Accommodations: Orange Grove Motel and Cut Hotel are the best choices to stay closest to the park.

Things To Do In Chinhoyi Caves:

  • Camping
  • Visit sleeping pool in Wonder Hole
  • Scuba diving

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6. Great Zimbabwe National Monument

places to visit in zimbabwe

Taking a four-hour drive to the south of Harare or east of Bulawayo will make you reach another UNESCO World Heritage Site. This site protects the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, the capital of Zimbabwe’s historic kingdom.

It is the most significant stone that remains in the south of Sahara. The ruins extend over a vast area and include a mountainous area Acropolis, in which the kings and chiefs lived.

When To Visit: Anytime

How To Go There: Come to Masvingo and drive 19 miles to the southeast to reach Great Zimbabwe

Best Accommodations: Several hotels are nearby this World Heritage Site, you can find affordable ones easily. Victoria Falls backpackers lodge, Hwedza Inn, and many more are within few meters.

Things To See:

  • A royal city that includes totem birds( the national symbol of Zimbabwe)
  • Huge granite blocks
  • Living ensembles

7. Matobo National Park

tourist attractions in zimbabwe

The controversial 19th-century imperialist, Cecil Rhodes, opted to be buried here. His remnants are symbolized by a brass plaque perched atop World’s View. That makes Matobo one of the best places to visit in Zimbabwe.  

Matobo National Park is also one of the best tourist attractions for hikers and those hoping to see white and black rhino. The park has one of the largest leopard populations in Southern Africa; also, a great place to witness Verreaux’s eagles.

Best Month To Visit: July to October

How To Reach Matobo: Road is easy to access to Matobo, it is only 50 km away from Bulawayo and 540 km from Victoria Falls.

Where To Stay: Many cheap accommodations are available nearby the park. However, Amalinda and Matobo Hills Lodge are the two most recommended.

Things To See:

  • Matobo Hills
  • Grave of Cecil John Rhodes
  • Maleme Dam
  • Stone Age rock art at the walls of Nswatugi Cave

Traveling to these top 7 tourist attractions in Zimbabwe is the best and quick way to learn more about this African country.   


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