7 Most Scenic Places In India To Visit | Most Beautiful Places In India

7 Most Scenic Places In India To Visit | Most Beautiful Places In India

India is best known for its sheer number of cuisines, religions, landscapes, and traditions. From islands of the south, palm tree-fringed rivers of the west to desert sands of the north, you get to see heaven on earth. This marvelous sub-continent is blessed with picturesque landscapes and pristine natural beauty.

In this guide, we have listed the 7 most scenic places in India that will take your heart and breath away. The awe-inspiring destinations not only showcase the beauty but also the vastness of the country. Let's explore the list.

Lakshadweep Island

Lakshadweep island is a group of 36 small islands. It is 400 km from the vast Arabian sea and is best known as a tropical paradise teeming due to its amazing marine life and rich eco-culture. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the gorgeous places in India that gives you a feeling of heaven.

Best Time To Visit- between October & May

Access Route

Private helicopters


Sailing vessels


Things to Do




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Munnar Hill Station, Kerala

Munnar Hill Station is located at a majestic height of approximately 1600 meters above sea level. The hill station nestles three streamlets namely, Mudra-puzha, Kundala, and Nallathanni. You can take a glimpse of fantastic virgin forests along with floral beauties and tea plantations. Here you will see various exotic plants and species.

Best Time To Visit-Anytime

Access Route

Nearest railway station- Aluva (108 km)

Nearest airport- Cochin International Airport (130 km)

Things to Do

Explore tea gardens

Watch Kalari Kshethra

Visit forest adventure park

Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

The stunning view of Yumthang Valley gives you an amazing experience. The valley is located on the Northern side of Sikkim. It looks like a velvet carpet garden with vivid colorful flowers, a quaint river, and old trees. For years, it has been mesmerizing visitors with its serene air and striking view.

Best Time To Visit- in May, April, and March

Access Route

Ride- hire a taxi from Mangan

Nearest airport- Paro Airport (84 km)

Things to Do




Majuli Island, Assam

Majuli Island is best known for its wondrous river which is located in the Brahmaputra River. This hidden treasure has the largest freshwater river in the entire world. Assam has always been home to most of the beautiful historical places that attract worldwide tourists and nature lovers.

Best Time To Visit- anytime except the rainy season

Access Route

Bus- take transport bus from Guwahati

Nearest Airport- Jorhat Township (20km)

Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake, Kashmir

Dal Lake of Kashmir is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the entire world. It’s the second-largest water body and has been attracting millions of tourists from all parts of the globe. Moreover, it's home to several bird species and Mughal gardens.

On the other hand, Nigeen lake is considered “the jewel in the crown of Kashmir” It's one of the breathtakingly beautiful places to visit in India.

Best time to visit- between May to November

Access Route- Srinagar Air Force Base Airport (17 km)

Things to Do-



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Nanda Devi National Park, Uttarakhand

Nanda Devi National Park is located in Uttarakhand. It's also the greatest tourist attraction due to its magnificent and overwhelming mountainous peaks. The sanctuary has numerous birds, wild animals, and unique plant bodies. The wondrous bio-diverse habitat makes it a popular heritage site.

Best time to visit- between May to October

Access Route

Nearest Airport- Jolly Grant Airport (295 km from Dehradun)

Things to Do- trekking

Matheran Hill Station

Matheran is a hill station that is sandwiched between Pune city and urban Mumbai city. The hill station is located in the Western Ghats of the Raigad district of Maharashtra. Cliffs are the main attraction of this iconic hill station.

Best Time to visit- between October to May

Nearest Airport- Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport (39 km)

These are some of the most beautiful places in India.

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