Best Temples to Visit in India | Erotic Temples in India

Best Temples to Visit in India | Erotic Temples in India

India is often said as the land of temples and culture and traditions. Having so many gods and goddesses we Indians have temples dedicated to all of them. For the travelers who like to travel through the time and like to explore the unconventional side of the world there are Indian temples that showcase it all.

Be it talking about the way of living in a society or love or sex it caters it all. And so is being reflected in the erotic temples in India that we have created over the ages. If we look into the past we will come to know that Hindu Mythology has always been one of the most liberal and free with thoughts.

Historians claim that these temples intended to inspire people to experience their desires before embarking on a spiritual journey. Here is a list of ancient  temples in India that have a lot to showcase straight from the pages of Kamasutra.

Famous Indian Sex Temples

Khajuraho Temple

The world famous Khajuraho temples in India are well known for idolizing sex through erotic sculptures. The word ‘Khajuraho’ is a derivative of ‘Khajur’, symbolizing the date palm trees which once surrounded the temples’ complex. Some believe that the name mischievously refers to male desire.

Where: Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh

Significance: The group of 25 temples at Khajuraho dated about a thousand years old. It is believed that the temple construction took 300 to 400 years. The sex temples are dedicated to popular Hindu gods, Shiva, Vishnu, and Ganesha, and there are a few Jain temples as well.

How To Reach: Khajuraho domestic airport is accessible from most cities. AC and non-AC buses are available in most neighbouring districts. You can also reach Khajuraho by taking a train.

When To Visit: October to February

Men and women are depicted in the sculptures on these walls of temple in india with beautiful features and curvy bodies and engaged in seduction and pleasure and placing polyandry, polygamy, bisexuality and homosexuality all at the same pedestal. UNESCO has recognized this as a world heritage site.

Sun Temple,  Odisha

The relics from the Indian temples at Konark are dedicated to the Sun god and have survived since the 13th century. Intricately carved, explicit stone sculptures portraying the human anatomy in detail adorn the temple walls, making it one of the best temples to visit in India.

Where: Konark, Odisha

Significance: Some sculptures from the erotic temple are preserved in the Archaeological Museum. The Sun temple at Konark is built as a 100 ft high chariot with twelve pairs of wheels symbolizing the twelve months. Each wheel is a sundial and accurately reads time observations.

How To Reach: You can book a train to Puri and take a taxi to reach the temple. Nearby Sirport is Bhubaneswar Airport or Biju Patnaik International Airport. From the airport, taxi’s are easily available.

When To Visit: January to March

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Jain Temple, Rajasthan

One of the famous temples in india dedicated to Jain god Rishabhdev is a spectacular three-story monument made of marble and one of the most important pilgrimages of followers of Jainism. This is one of the iconic temples of India to visit and it is accessible for worship in the morning and open for tourists in the later in the day.

Where: Ranakpur, Rajasthan

Significance: The magnificence of the temple is in its 1444 marble pillars, each with a unique carving and designed such that it is impossible to count them. The walls of the temples are carved with sensuous sculptures of dancing nymphs.

How To Reach: The nearest airport and major railway station is in Udaipur that is around 60 km away. Frequent buses from Udaipur go to Ranakpur.

When To Visit: October to March

Lingaraj Temple, Odisha

Among the best temples to visit in india built by the Kalinga dynasty, the Lingaraj temple  stands out with its 180 feet high central spire dedicated to Lord Shiva and about 150 minor shrines.

Where: Bhubhneshwar, Odisha

Significance: The sculptures adorning these Indian erotic temples are said to have been inspired by Kamasutra, the world’s original guide on sex. Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter the temple.

How To Reach: Nearest Railway station is Bhubaneswar that is around 6 km away from the temple. Flights are also avaibale for Biju Patnaik Airport from there you can cover your journey by a bus or taxi.

When to Visit: March- April

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Satyamurthy Perumal Temple, Tamil Nadu

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, the Satyamurthy Temple is built in the Dravidian style construction, with a gigantic fort enclosing the temple. The chief idol is 7 feet tall, and it is situated inside a cave shrine.

Where: Thirumayam, Tamil Nadu

Significance: Daily rituals are observed at the temple. Protected and maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India, the temple sanctifies acts of copulation in surprising detail.

How To Reach: The nearest railway station for Thirumayam is in Trichy.

When To Visit: November to March

Sun Temple, Gujarat

The Sun Temple in Modhera is a protected monument conserved by the Archaeological Survey of India. Besides the main shrine, the temple complex houses an assembly hall, a reservoir and a stepwell.

Where: Modhera, Gujarat

Significance: Sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses, as well as erotic figures, are laid out from wall to wall.

How To Reach: You can air travel or take a train to Ahmedabad which is 101 km away from Modhera.

When to Visit: October to March

Virupaksha Temple, Karnataka

The Virupaksha temple in Hampi is open to pilgrims visiting for worshipping Lord Virupaksha, a form of Lord Shiva.  With about 1600 monuments and reminiscent of three ancient Indian dynasties, UNESCO has declared the group of Hampi temples as a World Heritage Site.

Where: Hampi, Karnataka

Significance: These Indian erotic temples have a great depiction of the sensuous sculptures and carvings and are thought to be the one to lead the life to spirituality.

How To Reach: Nearest airport is Vidyanagar. Nearest railway station is Hosapete. Several buses and taxis are available for Hampi from here.  

When To Visit: November to February

Well, What’s what? No one really knows; but there is one thing for sure that if you want to see the sexual and erotic trail in India then these most visited sex temples can be the best storytellers.


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