Best Places To Visit In Seychelles | Top Tourist Attractions In Seychelles

Best Places To Visit In Seychelles | Top Tourist Attractions In Seychelles

Seychelles- An archipelago is a home of around 115 islands is the perfect tourism destination for all kinds of vacationers. Whether one is looking for a party holiday with friends, a family trip or a relaxing solo trip this spectacular destination has to all to offer to everyone for a perfect vacation.

Being a collection of islands there are numerous beaches here. Like Seychelles, these beaches are too varying in kind and type.

There are pristine white sand beaches where one can lay down and sunbathe, there are various places to visit in Seychelles with choppy waters perfect for surfing and beaches with myriad shacks and bonfires set up for parties.

Experience The Best Of Seychelles Island

Incredible Seychelles Islands

  1. Tourist attractions in Seychelles Iceland are famous for some unspoilt and isolated beaches in the world
  2. The sea waters are so pristine that often the beaches display multitude shades of blue
  3. Sailing, diving, fishing and relaxing are the main activities in 115 islands of this Indian Ocean archipelago
  4. Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are the most popular islands
  5. One can go snorkelling and deep sea water diving to observe the beauteous coral reefs prevalent in this region
  6. Seychelles also offers exotic local cuisine, interesting wildlife including a giant tortoise and numerous types of seabirds
  7. Numerous national parks here house some of these exotic species of animals specially tortoise
  8. One can get to be in close proximity with the world’s largest tortoises
  9. Tourists can partake in boat and ferry rides across the clear blue water surrounding this town

That oft-used word “paradise” often rears up in descriptions of the Seychelles, and with very good reason. There are no serious natural hazards, no malaria or serious diseases, and the islands lie outside the cyclone and hurricane belts.


Where To Stay

Luxurious resorts and hotels with comfortable accommodations are also counted among the best tourist places in Seychelles, located in the midst of this tropical paradise, making Seychelles as one of the best holiday destinations. These accommodations are available in various budget ranges ensuring comfort to tourists of all income classes.

  1. Banyan Tree Seychelles
  2. Four Seasons Resort Seychelles
  3. Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa
  4. Raffles Seychelles
  5. The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach

Best Holiday Destination

Divers and honeymooners, nature lovers and hedonists, gourmets and sports aficionados, gamblers and sailors – holiday in Seychelles Iceland is for everyone. The Seychelles are home to UNESCO-designated sites, coral atoll Aldabra and Vallée de Mai, called the Garden of Eden.

How To Reach Aldabra Atoll: Take a boat trip from Mahe to Albadra. You can also take chartered flights offered by Island development company (IDC).

How To Reach Vallée de Mai: The reserve is located on the Praslin Island. One can take the road from Bay Saint Anne towards Grand Anse. You can also take a ferry from Mahe.

Much of the charm of the archipelago lies in its chequered history. Both French and British colonialists have held sway here over the centuries, and immigration from both sides of the Indian Ocean has added to the eclectic mix of the population.

Eat -The Island Way

  1. Seafood is the primary attraction of Seychelles cuisine
  2. Interesting variations include Shark chutney and turtle meat
  3. Rice is the staple grain, with breadfruit being its substitute
  4. Their platter also includes a range of fresh fruits and vegetables and some edible flowers
  5. Flavor of coconut is prominent in the food and drinks
  6. The preparations vary from being spicy to mildly spiced and sweet

Travel The Local Way

The people at this archipelago are often quite friendly very warm and welcoming. However, they are also orthodox and strict in following their traditions and culture and hence don’t appreciate scanty clothing even on beaches.

  1. Main island of Mahé has an exciting cultural scene
  2. Stop by the Eden Art Gallery to see the largest collection of contemporary art in Seychelles
  3. At Domaine de Val des Près you can find local craft workshops and examples of historic Creole architecture

Best Time To Visit Seychelles

Seychelles has a warm, tropical climate that allows beach time year-round. If you are planning on spending time diving, arrange your trip from April, May, October or November when water temperatures are at their peak.

With idyllic beaches, lush nature reserves and diverse cultural influences, the Seychelles provide an escape from the bustle of the modern world.

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