Best & Popular Places to Visit in Singapore 2021 | Things To Do in Singapore

Best & Popular Places to Visit in Singapore 2021 | Things To Do in Singapore

Singapore- a city, an island and an independent state is no less than a wonder for the travelers. Under the southern part of the Malaysian Peninsula it incorporates few more islands with the main island. Though the country lies under the category of some of the smallest countries of the world it doesn’t go well by its size.

Travelers from around the world come to visit the landmark tourist places in Singapore every year, and offers plenty of activities and a staggering spectacle of a play of lighting and architecture. Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and it also intends to remain as such, including through its strict laws. Have a look at what Singapore tourism has to offer in 2021.

When To Visit?

Any time of the year is fine to visit this paradise. The daily temperature remains around 80°F.  November to June sees a huge crowd, especially during Chinese New Year. All you have to do is to buckle up yourself for an amazing roller coaster ride through the city and islands making sure not to miss even a bit of it.

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Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is among those countries that have a rich past, but also very rich contemporary life, so you have a variety of things to do. You can enjoy the mighty modern architecture, which is best experienced from the cabin of a carrousel that takes you an amazing 165 high up, offering you a stunning view of most of the city. Here is a list of best Singapore tourism places:

Boat Quay

A must-visit place for dining and entertainment. Spend a relaxing evening here after a long day of sightseeing.

Gardens By The Bay

A series of 80-160 feet metal ‘super trees’ showcase roughly 200 species of orchids, ferns, and other plants.


This little island is loved by locals and tourists alike and you have a plethora of activities to do here.

Singapore Zoo

One of the most popular places in Singapore, it houses a vast array of animals. Night Safaris are quite popular.


Merlion is Singapore’s mascot and its massive statue in Merlion Park is quite impressive.

One of the greatest attractions of Singapore includes gardens by the Bay that consist of three parts – southern, eastern and central – and are home to more than half a million plants. The Flower Dome, the world’s largest greenhouse, is located in the southern part.

How To Get Around The City

Train: Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is the best way to reach all tourism destinations.

Bus: The bus system is extensive and will take you to all the major Singapore tourist attractions.

Taxi: The most convenient way to get around the city. It’s not cheap but definitely worth it.

City Of Themes And Excitement

Singapore Tourist destinations are an iconic mix of the modern world and wilderness. The River Safari Theme park is a work of brilliance that just begs you to explore it. There, you’ll encounter pandas, large fish, small crocodiles and many more.

Singapore is also known as a city that never sleeps and as you discover Singapore beneath the rays of the midday sun and the glow of lampposts and starlight, you’ll find that our city never sleeps.

The popular places in Singapore narrate the story of endless possibilities waiting to be uncovered—in emporiums and malls selling wondrous wares, atop skyscrapers that soar above colonial buildings, and along graffiti-adorned byways flanked by age-old places of worship.

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Shop Till You Drop

As this country comprises of people from various nationalities it has a lot to offer to take back home with you from the different parts of the world. It’s a large business and shopping centre. Here are some tips for you:

  • You can have a go at haggling even in the most modern of shopping centres
  • There are massive sales in June and July.
  • Go to Orchard Road if you want to buy high-end items
  • Haji Lane is best for vintage stores and fashion boutiques
  • Chinatown is best for souvenirs and interesting knick-knacks
  • Shop for Orchid perfumes, fancy kitchenware, TWG tea and Singapore Sling

If you have been there then share your experiences with us.


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