Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Taiwan | Best Things To See & Do in Taiwan

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Taiwan | Best Things To See & Do in Taiwan

Though each Asian country has its charm, Taiwan is special. The country was listed as the happiest place in East Asia in March 2021 by the UN’s World Happiness Report. Want to know its secret?  Come to these tourist attractions in Taiwan and figure out on your own.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Taiwan

1. Taroko Gorge

tourist attractions in taiwan

One of the top tourist attractions in Taiwan, Taroko Gorge has blue-green marble walls. A visit to this place will make you feel like you are looking at a painting. You can hike in its trails, peer at its geological features, or simply drive along the road. You can walk along the Swallow Grotto to see the most sublime view of Gorge. 

Ideal Time To Visit: Mid-September till November

Best Transport To Get Around Taroko Gorge: Bus is the most affordable and easiest option to reach this beautiful gorge. 24x7 hours buses run from Hualien Train Station.

Things To See Around Taroko

  • Tunnel of nine turns trail is perfect for hikers; it is only 14-minutes away from here
  • Taroko national park which is only 5.4 miles is home to the beautiful flora and fauna
  • Eternal spring shrine is few miles away where you can spend some time peacefully

2. National Palace Museum

tourist attractions in taiwan

The greatest collection of Chinese art in the world can be found here in Taiwan. The National Palace Museum is a must-visit for everyone for its display of ancient pottery, vases, landscape paintings, ceramics, lacquerware, religious objects, and calligraphy. There are over 7,00,000 pieces in the museum covering almost every dynasty. 

Opening Hours: 09 am to 05 pm (Monday closed)

Ticket Price: NTD $320 for individual and group visitors and $250 for international students with a valid ID

How To Reach Museum: The Tamxhui-Xinyi Line is closest to the museum, however, you have to cross 228 Peace Park which is only a few minutes away from Museum.

What To Do Nearby Taiwan National Palace Museum?

  • Take a walk in the aboriginal cultural park
  • Go hiking at Zhi Shan Yan hiking trail
  • Enjoy with kids in Taipei Amusement Park for Kids

3. Explore Tainan On Foot

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The oldest city has full of fascinating historical tourist attractions in Taiwan. It gives a multifaceted experience of history. There are exotic and mysterious temples, crowded markets, fascinating streets, and repurposed shophouses to be explored. This is the reason we suggested discovering the enigma of this city on foot or public transport. 

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The Best MonthTo Visit Tainan: June

How To Get Around Tainan: Tourist buses, taxis, and T-bikes are popular transport options for tourists. Taxi would be a costly affair however if you are planning to explore all the best places in Tainan Taiwan.

What To Do In Tainan Taiwan?

  • Come to the colorful street of Tainan ‘Shennong Street’ for some great photos and shopping
  • Chihkan Tower is an ultimate historical landmark here
  • Anping Treehouse is a mind-blowing place that exhibits nature’s best creation
  • Don’t miss a glimpse of the oldest Confucius temple in the city
  • Sculptures in Chimei Museum is worth admiring

4. Penghu Island

tourist attractions in taiwan

Penghu is a large group of islands where you can surf, enjoy water activities, lie in the sand, and bake in sun. You will get to meet a lot of sun-worshippers and island hoppers at Penghu. During winters, it becomes the windiest place in the northern hemisphere attracting international wind and kite surfers. 

When To Come Penghu Island: Dry months like May and September see Taiwan tourism at its peak in Penghu

Fastest Way To Reach: Domestic flights are available from 5 cities of Taiwan- Kaohsiung, Jiayi, Tainan, Taipei, and Taizhong.

Places to visit in Penghu, Taiwan

  • Crab Museum
  • Chixiyanpau is a great geologic and one of the popular tourist attractions in Taiwan
  • Wangan green turtle conservation center

5. Shifen Sky Lantern Festival

tourist attractions in taiwan

The lantern festival will mesmerize you with spectacular light shows, live concerts, and giant glowing mechanical lanterns. It is a modern version of the ancient Chinese light festival. This is the reason this celebration has one of the best spectacles and is still the most traditional. Shifen Sky Lantern Festival celebrates the end of the New Year’s festivities. 

When Does The Festival Take Place: Every year in March or February

How To Get To Shifen: A train from Taipei’s main station runs to Shifen. Buses and taxis are other options but they would be costlier and not worthy during the festival times. Try to reach early.

Things To Do In Shifen

  • Visit Cat-themed Houtong Cat Village
  • There’s a little Niagara named Shifen Waterfall which is worth watching and surrounded by greenery
  • The old street of Shifen has everything for the locals and visitors so don’t miss shopping here

6. Miaokou Night Market, Keelung

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Miaokou is one of the best things about Taiwan. It is a famous night market serving both food and entertainment. You will come across a huge happy crown that comes to gorge on a variety of snacks and dishes. This market will be a quintessential experience of eating and people watching. 

5 Must-Try Foods At Miaokou

  • Youfan ( Sticky rice)
  • Crab thick soup
  • Shenji Paopao Ice-Cream
  • Taiwanese hot dog
  • Ding Bian Cuo- steamed rice paste served with mushrooms, noodles, and meat

Nearby Attractions: Dianji temple, Badouzi Seaside Park, Ren’ai market

7. Wulai

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Taiwan’s forested and urban jungles are one of the best tourist spots. In Wulai town, you can experience old indigenous hunting trails cut through tropical forests. There are crystal clear streams and river pools for swimming will provide a quick break from trekking. Wulai is a mountainous township that you can reach by traveling 25 km south of Taipei. 

How to reach Wuali: A metro from Taipei Metro (MRT) runs from Xindian Station. Bus no. 849 will take you to the town which is its last stop.  

Things To Do In Wulai

  • Scenic walking and hiking trails like XinXian and Jia Jiou Liao are good for those seeking a fun and adventure trip
  • Free public hot springs are worth your time to relax after hiking
  • Taste the local wulai sausages that are famous here for their unique flavor

8. Sun- Moon Lake

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Sun-Moon Lake is a must-visit tourist attraction in Taiwan. It has received its name because it comprises around the eastern section and a crescent western section with a tiny island in its middle. Lake is part of the 90-sq-km Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area.

Quick Route To Lake: Travel to Checheng station from Changua Station and take a Nantau bus to the lake

Nearby attractions: Wenwu temple, Rihyue fountain, Jinlong mountain, Chung Tai world museum, peacock garden

9. Taipei

tourist attractions in taiwan

Taipei is one of the best cities and the capital of Taiwan. Comprising of twelve districts, Taipei has emerged as the cultural, financial, and political center of the island. Your first visit to the country must start from attractions in Taipei.

When To Plan A Trip To Taipei: March and May

Traveling to Taipei: Flights from Taoyuan Airport will take you within half an hour to the city

Tourist Attractions In Taipei

  • Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall
  • Elephant mountain
  • Shiling night market
  • Fort San Domingo
  • Hobe fort
  • Lover’s bridge

10. Dragon And Tiger Pagodas

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One of the popular and must-visit places in Taiwan is this unique temple. The temple's tower gives you a complete view of the city while the entrance will leave you amazed.

Opening Hours: 08 am to 05 pm

8 Things To Do In Taiwan For A Memorable Trip

things to do in taiwan

Right from the mountains, beaches, national parks, museums, skyscrapers, religious sites, and night markets; there are so many fun things to do in Taiwan. But if you are on a short trip then rely on our 8 tips to get the most out of Taiwan’s trip.

  • Visit a Taiwanese teahouse 
  • Enjoy the local culinary delights
  • There are over 70-night markets in Taiwan, make sure to visit at least one
  • Head to the northern coastline to experience lunar-like landscapes
  • Hit the beaches, soak in the hot spring water
  • Island hopping
  • Experience old Taiwan
  • Explore the green mountains

Best Time To Visit Taiwan

You can decide on a suitable time to visit Taiwan according to your itinerary. Tourists visit this country all year round depending on what they want to see.

  • Generally, September, October, and November turned out to be favorable months to visit Taiwan.
  • Summer is suitable for tropical beaches and island hopping.
  • Spring is ideal for people who are interested in culture and nature. 

Taiwan is a real treat for tourists who are never satisfied with a short journey.  

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