Top Attractions & Things to Do in Tallinn | Places in Tallinn, Estonia

Top Attractions & Things to Do in Tallinn | Places in Tallinn, Estonia

If you are a person who likes to combine nightlife, adventure with history and culture, pick Tallinn, Estonia for your next trip. Established in the early medieval era this European city is a mix of both old and new. This easy-to-access old town with coastal vibes is one of the best-preserved Hanseatic town centers in the world.

Though the town is small, it never bore tourists. But first-timers may call it not worth-visiting; because they don’t know what are the things to do in Tallinn, Estonia. Our list is a guide for all such tourists for unlimited Tallinn adventures.

Top 7 Things To Do In Tallinn, Estonia

1. Bastion Passages In Old Town

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The mysterious passages in Tallinn’s earthwork fortifications were built to conceal the movement of soldiers, ammunition, and other equipment from the enemies and to monitor underground mining activities.

The parks were established on the Ingrian and Swedish bastions after the removal of the fortifications. In these mysterious passages, the trains take you to the future in 2219 and date back to the 17th century, and are lined with columns with various calendars.

Location - Komandandi tee2, Tallinn, Estonia

Timing- 10 am to 05 pm, Monday closed

Ticket price- €8 for adults, and €16 for family

Attractions nearby: Niguliste Museum, Virgin’s tower, Alexander Nevski Katedraali

2. Viru Gate

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The gate which was part of the extensive defense system of the town also marks its entrance. The towers of the gates remain to post the demolishing of the gates to allow the horse-drawn traffic.

The area around Viru Gate is now home to market stalls selling woolen mittens, sweet-smelling roasted nuts, and numerous restaurants.

Location- Viru Tanav, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia

Timings: Open always

Entry fee- Free

Nearby places to wander: Tallinn flower market, Museum Epping Tower, Dominican Monastery Claustrum

3. St. Olaf’s Church

things to do in tallinn estonia

The city’s biggest medieval structure is named after the sainted Norwegian king Olav II Haraldsson and was first mentioned in 1267. One of the most important structures of the town is notable for its high church towers.

It is still well preserved even after being hit by lightning several times in history. Climbing up the stairs one can easily witness the beautiful view of the entire town.

Address- Lai 50, 10133 Tallinn

Opening time- 10 am to 06 pm

Ticket charges- Free of cost

Suggested places nearby-Marzipana Gallery, Estonian Maritime Museum, St. Nicholas Church and Museum

4. Open Air Museum

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Your Tallinn vacation is incomplete without experiencing the open-air museum. The is one of the best places to visit in Tallinn. On a 15 minutes drive, showcasing the country’s way of life and rural architecture.

The 14 farms in the museum provide an overview of how families from different strata of society lived in the 18–20th centuries.

At the museum, one can buy handicrafts, ride horses, and try traditional Estonian dishes at the inn.

Location- Vabaohumuuseumi tee 12, 13521 Tallinn

Opening hours- 10 am to 06 pm, Monday closed

Ticket charges- €8 for adults, and €16 for family

Places to explore: Tallinn zoo, Stroomi beach, Kalamaja cemetery park,

5. Seaplane Harbour

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This Estonian maritime museum, Tallinn is the most exciting maritime museum in Europe showcasing around 200 authentic items. Globe-trotting in a submarine, clicking pictures in a navy uniform, an aquarium, simulators, and many more are the things to do in Tallinn. This museum just broadens the horizon of children and adults alike.

Where- Vesilennuki 6, Kalamaja, Tallinn

Opening timings- Monday to Sunday 10 am to 07 pm

Charges- €15 for adults, €30 for family and free for children below 8

Popular places nearby- Energy discover center, Art gallery Asuur Keraamika, House of the Blackheads

6. Café Maiasmokk

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Like to enjoy the century-old vibes while curbing your hunger then this oldest operating café in Tallinn is your must-go place. The café has been in the same location since 1864 and has its interiors dated back then and unchanged for more than a century.

The cozy café doesn’t only serve you the delicacies like handmade candies, fresh cakes, pies, etc. but also takes you on a stroll to the lost world with a marzipan museum on the premises.

This museum provides a fascinating overview of the history of the treat. There is always an artist in the museum, decorating marzipan figures, and they will often take visitors’ requests.

Where- Pikk 16

Opening Hours- 08 am to 09 pm; opens at 09 am on Weekend

Sightseeing Places to visit in Tallinn- Estonian Handicraft house, Draakoni Gallery, Tallinn City Museum

7. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

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Located on Toompea Hill, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a relatively recent addition— it was completed only in 1900. This Russian Orthodox Church has distinct, black onion domes that can be easily spotted towering above Tallinn.

You can go inside the church. But visitors should first check service times and be respectful of private services as this is an active church. Visiting the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is free of charge.

Where- 4 km away from Airport at Lossi Plats 10

Open At- 08 am to 06 pm all days

Price- Free of cost

Places to visit in Tallinn- Commandant’s Garden, Maiden’s tower, Danish Queen’s rose garden, Toompea castle

Best Time To Visit For Unmissable Tallinn Adventures

Summer is the best season to plan a trip to Estonia because most of the festivals occur during summer. To be specific, May to September is the best time to visit Tallinn.

Tallinn Vacation In Winter; 5 Things To Do

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You won't return disappointed if you come to Tallinn in winter. Just travel to these places to visit in Tallinn:

  • Uisuplats ice rink near St Nicholas Church
  • Surf Café of Balti Jaam Market for a perfect brew
  • Nuku Museum has interactive puppets for you
  • Do not miss the street art in Telliskivi
  • Helsinki is perfect for a day trip in winter

4 Top Places To Stay In Tallinn

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Old town- First-time visitors should book a resort or hotel in the old town to experience the rich history and tradition from the closest. Hotel Telegraaf, Savoy Boutique hotel, and Viru Backpackers are great for a luxurious stay.

Kalamaja- This is the coolest district in the city. Cafes, restaurants, hotels, and local tourist places are perfect for Tallinn's adventures. Pick up either Ilmarine Art studio apartment, Hestia Hotel, or Fat Margaret for a relaxing space.

Pirita- Another warm and peaceful place in the state is Pirita where you fill find sandy beaches to open-aiR museums. Kaunis guesthouse, Lavendel Spa, and Pirita Beach apartment are highly recommended places for tourists.

Kadriorg- A luxurious stay with peaceful surroundings that is how Kadriorg is defined. The city has 5-star hotels like Oru hotel, apartments such as Koleri Central to make your Tallinn vacation comfy.

So if you are looking for solace on your next trip then this town can be your destination. Go and lose yourself in the beauty of history.


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