Not-So-Cool Things To Do In Hawaii On Your Honeymoon 

Not-So-Cool Things To Do In Hawaii On Your Honeymoon 

Just like love can be sweet and sour, your Honeymoon trip to Hawaii can be a nightmare or a heavenly dream experience. It all depends on you, ignoring the red flags on foreign land can spoil your vacation and mood.

And we bet nobody would want to leave this paradise island disappointed. That’s why we are here with a list of things to do and what not to do in Hawaii.

Make sure that you are following our list on the honeymoon itinerary. Let’s get started.

Things Not To Do In Hawaii  

#1. Ignoring Food Trucks

fun things to do in hawaii

Well, restaurants offer luscious recipes to lure you but mobile dining is equally famous in Hawaii. You will find lots of food trucks on your way to Ohau, Maui, or Kaui.

So, when you are enjoying the sunshine, pristine water, and warm sand at either of the Hawaii top beaches, let your taste buds dive into the food culture of the beach.

What to order? Here are some local recipes to try:

  • Garlic butter shrimp
  • Macaroni salad
  • Peruvian pork tacos
  • Pulled pork sandwich
  • Shave ice creams
  • Jamaican jerk chicken

Saying ‘no’ to them means missing out on some exotic local flavors that are something foodie couples won’t dare to do. Right?

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#2. Playing With Turtles And Monk Seals

things to avoid in hawaii

Hawaii is all about beaches and water sports so snorkeling, scuba diving, and other fun-filled activities must be on your list. You and your partner may feel overwhelmed when fishes or other marine creatures pass by touching you underwater. 

But touching them back is not at all permissible. And sometimes, turtles and seals come out of the water to relax under the sun on the warm sand, don’t get too much excited seeing them. Admire them from distance but don’t get closer.

Don’t lose heart; there are many more fun things to do in Hawaii on beaches like:

fun things to do in hawaii

  • Go on whale watching tour at Maui
  • Beach hopping with your better half 
  • See the underwater world at Molokini 
  • Get an unforgettable hee Nalu (surfing) experience in Oahu

Soak in the culture of Hawaii at the traditional luau celebration that is held every day. Hula dancers wearing grass-skirt at the bottom and coconut-bra will entertain you every evening at the beach.

Match their steps along with your partner, enjoy tiki drinks, and make your evenings memorable. 

#3. Collecting Natural Souvenirs

what not to do in hawaii

Visiting Big Island national volcano park is one of the best things to do in Hawaii for every tourist including couples. Park’s black sand, Kilauea Volcano, and lava make the perfect view to capture in your camera.

The lava rocks around the Volcano are definitely special because of their shapes and color but taking them home is an offense. 

Moreover, there is a myth associated with lava rocks that say – taking away lava rocks brings bad luck as they are cursed by the Goddess Of Volcano (Pele). 

#4. Speaking Pidgins

things not to do in hawaii

Even if you or your partner knows a bit of the Hawaiian language, don’t open your mouth unnecessarily. A wrong word can offend locals and speaking pidgins (slang) will put you in trouble. What else not to do in Hawaii? Referring to them as one.

It is because the island is comprised of ethnic groups and referring to them as one by calling Hawaiians may hurt their sentiments. So be careful about your choice of words. 

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#5. Refusing Lei

hawaii things to do

On your entry to Hawaiian island, your hotel staff will offer you a warm welcome offering a lei. It is a garland of flowers and petals that serve as the gesture of love, honor, and aloha spirit of the island. Saying no to it is a disrespect of their culture rather accept lei with heart. 

Throwing it anywhere is again disrespectful; rather discard all the petals of lei in the sea. 

Apart from these most important things not to do in Hawaii, you should be careful about a few more, to make the most of your honeymoon vacation. 

  • Always take a rental car service
  • Stay back from blowholes at Maui island
  • Never show your back to the ocean as waves can get aggressive anytime and push you on the ground
  • Bringing citrus fruits from your home to Hawaii is strictly prohibited 

While keeping these things not to do in Hawaii in your mind, don’t forget to enjoy your honeymoon vacation. There is so much to do, serene places to visit, and things to see. Your trip will be the best one on this paradise island and you may want to settle here forever with your love. 

So, get ready to fill your love buckets with never-ending experience and adventure.

Best Things To Do And See In Hawaii For Couples

things to do in hawaii

  1. Take your sweetheart on a chocolate tour. Original Hawaiian chocolate factory lets you dive into the world of chocolate. 
  2. Getting a couple spa massage is one of the best and intimate things to do with your partner in Hawaii. 
  3. Wailua falls is a perfect swimming area for intimacy, fun, and romance amid the natural surrounding
  4. Fly high with your partner on a helicopter tour 
  5. Pack for a honeymoon highway journey to Hana village. 
  6. Walk around the stunning tropical botanical garden at the big island for a great sightseeing
  7. What can be more adventurous than a bike ride with your love? Mauna Kea offers you a fun and exciting bike ride tour for all those butterfly feeling

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Hawaii has thrill, adventure, romance, and peace in the air that attracts newlyweds like magnets. And it leaves a forever impact on their life making their bond stronger. Just avoid the mistakes mentioned in our list of ‘things not to do in Hawaii’ and you are good-to-go on a trip to a Hawaiian paradise. 




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