10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Egypt | Best Places To Visit Egypt

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Egypt | Best Places To Visit Egypt

Egypt is not only a home of ancient Pharaohs but also a destination filled with dazzling tombs, and temples. Desert adventures, wrecks for divers, and cruising the Nile River are some of the things that attract all types of travelers for a long time.

With so much to wander around and do outdoor activities, Egypt offers travelers an opportunity to create itineraries full of adventure, relaxation, and culture in a single trip.

So, if you are planning to fly to Egypt, you need to plan sightseeing and the best places in advance to experience most of these famous tourist destinations.

Here are the 10 best places to visit in Egypt with your family, friends, or lovely partner.

1. Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the most recognizable landmark ever seen. It is located on a plateau that is west of Cairo. The 3 main pyramids of Giza are Menkaure, Khafre, and Khufu. Under the pyramid area, royal family members and wives of kings were buried.

Located in- Giza Necropolis

Best Route- you can either take an Uber, taxi or hire a tourist guide & driver

Places to see

  1. Giza Plateau
  2. Pyramid of Khafre
  3. Great Sphinx of Giza

Things to Do

  • Camel and horse riding
  • Take a diamond boat cruise
  • Visit Salah El-Din Citadel

Where to Stay

Barcelo Cairo Pyramids, Pyramids View Inn

2. Luxor’s Karnak Temple and Valley of Kings

Luxor is famed for its valleys of the Kings, Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut, and Karnak Temple. These ancient Thebes are the power base of Pharaohs and home to various beautiful sights. Luxor with its vibrant and colorful souq showcases the majority of tourist attractions like the museum, barren cliffs, etc. Just spend some days here and explore the colorful wall art of tombs which has been fascinating to archaeologists and historians.

Location- Karnak, Luxor, Egypt

Best route

Plane- Luxor International Airport (3.7 miles)

Train- take a train from Ramses Station to Luxor

Bus- take a bus from Sinai terminate to Luxor temple

Places to see

  1. Deir El-Bahari
  2. Colossi of Memnon
  3. Valley of Kings

Where to Stay

Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa, Mercure Luxor Karnak

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3. Aswan

Aswan is Egypt’s most tranquil town with winding curves of the River Nile. This perfect place is backed by orange-colored dunes and soaked up with a chilly atmosphere. You can easily take a river ferry to Elephantine Island & stroll down the bright streets. Apart from this, there are plenty of historic sites and numerous temples.

Best route-take train from Cairo to Aswan

  1. Places to see
  2. Unfinished Obelisk
  3. Elephantine
  4. Nubian Museum

Things to Do

  • Day trip to Abu Simbel
  • Explore Elephantine Island
  • Sail on a Felucca

Where to Stay

Nubian Holiday House, Mango Guesthouse

4. Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is Ramses II’s special temple with a colossal statuary standing guard outside. The interior is decorated with beautiful and eye-catching wall paintings. It is one of the best places to visit due to its megalithic proportions and incredible engineering. It’s fascinating to know, the temple moved from its actual position due to the rising water of the Aswan dam.

Location- Abu Simbel, Aswan Governorate, Egypt

Best route- take from Aswan to Abu Simbel (290km)

Places to see

  1. Forecourt & Terrace
  2. Colossi of Ramses
  3. Transverse Chamber

Where to Stay

Eskaleh Nubian Ecolodge, Seti Hotel Abu Simbel

5. Cairo

The weather and narrow lanes of Islamic Cairo are crammed full of madrassas, mosques, and monuments from the time of the Mameluke eras. Here you will see the labyrinth shopping marketplace of Khan el-Khalili, where artisans and coppersmiths showcase their stalls, tiny workshops loaded with perfume, textiles, spice, and ceramics.

Best Route- drive Delta Highway from Alexandria to get to Cairo

Places to See

  1. The Egyptian Museum
  2. Giza Necropolis
  3. Khan el-Khalili

Things to do

  • Enjoy a dinner cruise
  • Enjoy night shopping
  • Watch the light show at Pyramids of Giza

Where to Stay

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza, The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo

6. South Sinai’s Beach

South Sinai’s beach is one of those Egypt attractions that offers maximum peace and satisfaction to all types of travelers. Here, you will encounter great European-style resorts, international restaurants, luxury hotels, and other options as well. It’s a must-place for winter vacations, sun-and-sand breaks. For budget travelers, Dahab beach town is perfect.

Places to see

  1. Sharm El-Sheikh
  2. Dahab
  3. Taba
  4. Nuweiba

Things to do

  • Overnight trip
  • Snorkeling trip
  • Sinai dream dinner cruise

Where to Stay

Concorde Royal Beach Resort, Sea Beach Aqua Park Resort

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7. Saqqara

Egypt has much to offer than just stunning Pyramids. Saqqara, which is a vast necropolis of pyramids and tombs is best known for day-tripping. This old kingdom step pyramid showcases the advanced engineering knowledge of ancient Egyptians. Beyond this step Pyramid, you will get a chance to view the finest quality of tomb paintings.

Location- Giza Governorate, Egypt

Best route-get bus services from Cairo to Saqqara

Places to see

  1. Pyramid of Djoser
  2. Pyramid of Teti
  3. Imhotep Museum

Things to do

  • Private tour
  • Overnight trip
  • Tour to Sphinx & Giza Pyramids

8. Egyptian Museum

Cairo’s Egyptian Museum is a treasure trove of the Pharaonic World. The faded pink mansion comprises a dazzling amount of collections and exhibits. Being a higgledy-piggledy place, it lacks chronological orders but it looks like a good old-charming school type. The museum highlights a great collection of unearthed treasures from Royal mummies and Tutankhamen’s tomb. In addition to this, you will see wonderful pieces of ancient statuary or art.

Timing- 9am-5pm

Best route-get a taxi, car, or tour bus to get to Egyptian Museum

Places to see

  1. Khan el-Khalili
  2. Cairo Tower
  3. Salah Al-Din Al-Ayoubi Castle

Where to Stay

Cairo Hub Hostel, Ramses Hilton

9. White Desert

White Desert National Park of Egypt is the kookiest natural wonder. It’s south of Bahariya Oasis. Here, you will see surreal-shaped chalk pinnacles & huge boulder looms spread over the plateau. The scene looks like icebergs are stranded amid a sand landscape. It could be a great destination for desert trips & overnight camping. The ultimate weird playground allows you to enjoy the spectacular natural scenery.

Best route-take desert tour

Places to see

  1. Black desert
  2. Badr’s Museum
  3. Bahariyya Oasis

Things to do

  • Camel ride
  • Hot air balloon safari
  • Jeep safari

Where to Stay

Badawiya Farafra hotel, Rahala Safari Hotel

10. Alexandria

Alexandria has an unmatchable history. It was founded by Alexander the great and this seafront city has the most appealing atmosphere of any other city in Egypt. Despite the fact, you will see very few historic remnants, Alexandria’s seafront road always remains a favorite summer destination. Also, you will love to see underwater archaeological projects with interesting exhibits.

Best route- take a domestic flight, taxi, bus, or train from Cairo to Alexandria

Places to see

  1. Giza
  2. Hurghada
  3. Cairo

Things to do

  • Visit camera beach
  • Visit montazah garden
  • Visit aquarium museum

Where to stay

Four Seasons Hotel, Cleopatra Hotel

These are some of the most popular holiday destinations in Egypt.

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