Best Tourist Attractions in Alaska | Top Unique Things to Do in Alaska

Best Tourist Attractions in Alaska | Top Unique Things to Do in Alaska

Alaska has untouched beauty which makes it class apart from other parts of the United States. This state has to offer everything that a travel bug wants to see- native communities, wildlife, road trip and cruise. That is what makes Alaska an exotic exploration site.

Alaska has the lowest population density among US states. While hiking in Alaska, you might not spot a single human being for hours. Alaska is one of heavenly travel destinations in US for people who love outdoor sports. You can experience rafting on a glacier river, dogsledding, fishing or glacier sighting.

Cruising In Alaska

Cruising in Alaska is one of the favourite tourist attractions as here you can see pristine water. Alaska cruises are a great way to experience adventure amidst glaciers, wildlife and national parks. What can be better than basking into the luxury of a world-class ship while voyaging through the untamed beauty of ‘Last Frontier.’

Where: Seward, Whittier and Valdez

When: May to September

Significance: Cruising is the best way to witness the humbling sight of iconic glaciers. You can easily spot huge chunks of ice crashing into the ocean. Daytime cruises also take you along the undeveloped coastline where you can get a glimpse of marine wildlife.

Northern Lights

Northern Alaska is the place for anyone who is dreaming of witnessing the magic of the northern lights. In winters, the temperature of Alaska can drop to -30°F. Despite this drop in temperature, skies of the inland Alaskan Arctic remain clear and they are the best place to see aurora borealis.

Where: Fairbanks, Denali National Park, Nome, Anchorage, Juneau, Coldfoot and Barrow

When: Mid-September to late April

Significance: You must see the world’s best light show through a railway journey in Alaska. Imagine being under the northern lights in the middle of snow-swept landscapes. If this is not magic then what is? The best time to see the aurora is around midnight. However, they can occur from dusk onwards.

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Denali National Park And Preserve

If you want to explore wild places and have raw experiences, you must visit Denali national park. Denali National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations for sighting wildlife and the wonders of nature.

Where: South-Central Alaska, United States

When: June to September

Significance: Trips to the national parks situated in Alaska are one of the 10 best places to visit if you want to bask in the country’s wild beauty.

Adventure Sports

Alaska gives you an escape into nature with memories that will last you a lifetime. If you like to get your hands dirty and your feet wet, you must visit this quaint little state for an authentic experience. This is a place where the mountains are still without names. You will be left in awe of nature.

Where: Turquoise High Route, Kongakut, Mount McKinley

When: May to September

Significance: One of the unique things to do in Alaska is to explore it through the air which gives them a complete view of the wilderness. You can also experience adventure sports such as heli rafting, heli mountain biking and heli climbing which are assisted by skilled pilots. While sailing through the coast, you can spot bears and cubs, nonchalantly walking in the rocky shoreline. You should stop for a bear-fight and spot a fishing bear. It is wilderness at its best.

Unique Things To Do In Alaska

– Glacier cruise covering Glarier Bay, Hubbard Glacier, Prince William Sound and Tracy Arm

– Visit Alaska Native Heritage Centre to learn about the indigenous Alaska Native traditions and language in depth

– Stop by small picturesque towns such as Ketchikan and Talkeetna

– Fly over the sea of mountains and catch sight of peaks and glaciers untouched by civilization


When To Visit

Summer: Alaska is most visited during the summer season from June to August. Days are long during this time and the temperature is also warm. That makes it a lucrative season to visit Alaska but it’s also the most expensive.

If you want to save some moolah then you can travel in the months of May and September. If you visit Alaska in late summers, then there is a risk of rain but at the same time, you can save at least 25 percent money and get to pick good blueberries.

Winter: Winters are a perfect time for adventure snow sports. Also, you will get to experience the northern lights during this time.

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Nature has the power of healing and restoring the human being. This is why places like Alaska are great to visit for taking a break from modern-day monotony and reconnect with you and your loved ones. Alaska is a big state and offers a variety when it comes to natural scenery. Just by visiting this one state, you will be able to experience different types of adventures.

Share with us your transformative tale of travel. Also, which exotic place should we cover next? Do not forget to share your suggestions in the comments below.


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